How to… Make and Design Your Own T-Shirt

Inspired by Keiko Agena‘s creativeness and reawakened pride from browsing Blacklava (where Keiko’s work is available for sale), I wanted to wear clothing that punched Utah’s Caucasian majority-ness in the face. Okay, in truth, I suppose I’d really be wearing clothing that only other Asian-Americans would understand…

But buying one of those shirts is pricey! So, I decided I could make one myself for cheaper. Adapting directions from Chrisjob, photos and approximate numbers I crunched for the two shirts I created thus far:

$0 | Transparencies MOM’S WORK
$0 | Fine Sharpie HOUSE
$0 | X-acto knife HOUSE
$0 | Tape HOUSE
$3 | X-acto blades CAMPUS BOOKSTORE
$3 | Paint rollers and tray HOME DEPOT
$2 | T-shirt GAP OUTLET
$2 | T-shirt MICHAEL’S
$10 | Screenprint paint MICHAEL’S

$20 for self-designed shirts VERSUS buying shirts at $42.65.

$19.95 | Got Rice? T-shirt
$17.95 | I Speak English T-shirt
$4.75 | Shipping and handling

That’s a savings of $22.65, in counting! My supplies will still last at least a few more shirts. Are the shirts worth the effort and savings? Are the designs just as good or am I better off buying? It’s okay, you can tell me to lay off the graphic design career. Let me know what you think!

Oh, I got so excited from getting in touch with my inner ABC, I also stenciled a sticker… BONUS: another $3 in savings?


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