A Gathered Green Gift Guide for 2009

It’s holiday shopping time. And rather than doing everything last minute, I wanted to get a head start on things. Use the internet. Get more variety. Find better gifts. And give greener. So, I searched online for a few green gift guides. There is so much cool stuff, but here are a few of my favorites:


Preserve Toothbrushrecycled toothbrushes with one year subscription: Dentists recommend you switch out your toothbrush every three months. That’s a lot of withered bristles filling the landfills. Preserve makes it better with recycled toothbrushes. Get a one year subscription for $11 and conveniently have them mailed to your residence every three months, just like the dentists recommend. They also have a recycling program for your used toothbrushes.

Flip and Tumbleflip and tumble bags: super cute, compact and stylish. re-usable grocery bags. i love the colors and the simplistic design, makes it look super hip. also comes in an eco-kit – two regular bags, one fancy print bag and five produce bags. the bags are also quality ripstop nylon, see how much they can hold!

grow-a-note thank you cards: it’s the note that you can throw into your garden… and get something out of it! um, a thank you card that gives back? okay, i’m out of clever remarks. these thank you cards are made from recycled paper and inked with veggie paint. best part is the loads of wildflower seeds embedded into the paper. toss them in the back yard, the paper decomposes naturally and the mature into pretty flowers!


bamboo knife block: made from sustainable material (uhm, bamboo…), this block is stylish and green. made by fair trade artisans in vietnam, the design of these knife blocks allows most any odd and unusual shape to slide easily into the block. they sort of run hefty, but treehugger links to an instructional to make your own.

presso manual espresso maker: no electricity required… and it’s sooo sleek. made from recycled aluminum, it’s sure to green that gift for your coffee-loving someone. there’s even a christmas special that’s currently running on the site. i don’t know about you but  i’m totally sold on this fancy yet simple genius coffee contraption.

iphone solar skin: okay, so i don’t have an iphone and this thing borders on costing as much as an iphone, but it’s pretty damn cool. still allowing access to the usb port and your screen, this skin keeps your phone charged just by being out in the sun. run out of battery and you’re stuck in the middle of a sun-pounding desert? then you probably wish you had one of these.


nit long arm warmers: made from bamboo or merino wool, i fell in love with the looks of these stylish arm warmers at first glance. they are hand-knit by designer gail travis of NIT (which i totally love now too, but don’t think i could always pull off). they come in olive, off-white, black, charcoal and deep red. wear sleeveless in the winter, with arm warmers… my new favorite accessory.

vinyl record wrist cuffs: bracelets made from reclaimed vinyl records. music that you may have listened to recycled into something you can wear. kinda cool. they come in funky patterns though: Shemagh, Lumberjack, Houndstooth and Toile. would it be cooler had they left the vinyl record label as the design for the bracelets…

baby toes hanging terrarium: a glass globe that can either hang or sit flat, planted with baby toes succulent. the plant sort of looks like manic alien fingers reaching out at you from the hole of the globe. it’s also stuffed with soil and a bit of moss to give it variety. it comes planted and low maintenance as you only need to water it once a week at most!

After you’ve bought the gift, wrap it green too! Re-nest has nine great ways to do so.


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