Missy Higgins Plays Lilith Fair!

Missy Higgins is coming back to the US! To play Lilith Fair!! After a more than 10 year hiatus, girl power will rock again across the nation. A good number of cities have already been revealed, and hey, Salt Lake City is even on that list. Amazing.

Who am I hoping will rock it out in Utah?

Okay, so pretty much everyone that’s been announced. I didn’t include Missy Higgins on that list since she already announced her play dates:

28th – Philadelphia, PA
30th – Boston, MA
31st – New York City, NY

1st – Hartford, CT
3rd – Washington, DC

But, Missy, won’t you also come to Salt Lake?! We aren’t a fancy big city, but we have the gorgeous great outdoors! Plenty of hiking, climbing, kayaking, canyoneering, caving, camping, boating, rafting, tubing, hot spring-ing and much more to enjoy… Was that convincing at all? Please. Come?

Okay, possibly embarrassing plea [slash] desperate attempt finished…


One response to “Missy Higgins Plays Lilith Fair!

  1. That’s so awesome, wish I could see her.

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