Plaster Me with Naughty and Booze: A Graffiti Party

After a couple weeks of planning and hassling people to stop by, I settled on throwing a party one Saturday evening. Uhm, at a friend’s house…

I’ll be honest… for ideas, I searched online and all the best ones were college (frat) parties. Hence, with simplicity and budget in mind, I settled on beer pong, graffiti and potluck.

Running errands the day of the party, my friend Alex and I drove down and around the Fort Union area. It only took a few hours to grab everything and we even stopped by Rumbi’s for a late lunch. Here’s the rundown with photos of how the night turned out:

On hand – items around the house.

  • plastic cups for beer pong and drinking
  • white t-shirts or white clothing items for graffiti
  • a few snacks (and plus things others would bring: potluck)
  • flask for the classy host (that’s me!)
  • silverware and plates
  • iPod loaded with an uppity playlist
  • bowl of names and tape for “Celebrity Head” (think Inglorious Basterds)

First stop – liquor store.
Lansia’s signature drink of the night: Biker on the beach (black cherry coconut rum and cokes).

  • bottle of 99 Blackcherries
  • handle of Malibu Coconut Rum

Next stop – office store.
Graffiti supplies: permanent markers, one per guest (at least).

  • three packs of variety colored Sharpies

Last stop – grocer.
Sustenance: Light snacks and other needs.

  • a 30-pack of Natty Light
  • two packs of tortilla chips
  • Tostito’s queso dip
  • three 2-liter bottles of Coke (1 regular, 2 Coke Zero)

The night starts with a clean slate. Everyone (supposedly) brings a white t-shirt or other clothing item. At the end of the night, everyone becomes an artist. That’s where the sharpies come in! Write whatever, draw whatever… drinking brings out inhibitions. Give me more of that Biker on the Beach!

As each person came in, they also got a “Celebrity Head” name, blind pick and taped to the forehead. The idea was for them to go around to people at the party and ask yes or no questions to figure out who was taped to their head. You could keep asking questions… as long as the answers were yes. If you got a no, you’d change to another person — a fun way of getting everyone to know each other.

Mix it in with fun graffiti. Booze. Food. Friends. And you got a party!

Maybe also toss in some “guns.” HA! (John’s biggest gun is up front… as written on his shirt =X).


4 responses to “Plaster Me with Naughty and Booze: A Graffiti Party

  1. You know, the beer pong thing didn’t last very long. Maybe you guys were getting too drunk to hit the ball. 🙂

  2. looks awesome. but where’s jenny’s white t-shirt

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