Cowboy Boots and Plaid Shirts: Amy Cook, Hacienda and the Heartless Bastards

Okay, I totally forgot my plaid shirt and cowboy boots Tuesday night; I felt a bit left out. What’s ironic is that I even just got myself some Frye’s! When the Heartless Bastards came on, I’d have to say about half the audience had some sort of cowboy garb on. You could tell, Texas took over for a night (I know, I know, the Heartless Bastards site says their story started in Ohio… meh).

AMY COOK! I dragged my friend Esther to the State Room Tuesday night for Amy Cook. Yeah, I know right? AMY COOK! Yep, Amy Cook. I mostly know her music from my avid (not obsessive at all) TV habit…

The crowd was mellow — and by mellow, yes, I do mean small — at first. Since technically the show was the Heartless Bastards with Hacienda and (then) Amy Cook… Amy Cook went up first. I had no idea who the headliner and supporting band were until that night… just knew Amy Cook… yeah, I know, quite the opposite of everyone else that night.

Erm… I’ll admit, I was slapped up-side the face real good when she performed — in a good way. What I thought was an album that seemed to pale in comparison to past material (Bunkhouse Recordings or Sky Observer’s Guide), actually turned out to be right on par, if not better.

So good. So good. SO GOOD. She is so good ridiculous awesome live.

The other two bands weren’t bad. Hacienda was a riot — totally animated, fun, insane group. The percussionist above, to the right of Amy Cook (yep, always got to say the full name) is Jaime from Hacienda — wicked drummer.

By the time Heartless Bastards came on, the crowd multiplied at least 20 times over. A crazy mix of folks… young, old, hipster, business professional, cowboy, drunk party-er…

At the end… Yes, I bought Amy Cook’s latest album, Let the Light In. And yes, I totally made Esther stay until Amy Cook came to the lobby — just so I had a cameraman. And okay… I’ll also admit — I was totally armed and prepped with a sharpie in my pocket.


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