Makeshift Dou Hua with Peanut Soup

It’s hard living in Utah sometimes… I get on the internet… I get hungry… I surf the food blogs… I crave the food… I reminisce all the good eats I’ve had… And I crave.

But, I can’t get most of it here!

Okay, okay — truthfully, I can get “dou hua” here, but it’s still not the same as the street vendors in Taiwan. I tried a quick makeshift experiment the other night, a “Sandra Lee dou hua,” if you will… You know, cause she does that semi-homemade cooking schtick!

So, I started off with a packet of this powder to make the dou hua…

And then you just mix it according to the instructions on the packet — mixed with home-made soy bean milk.

Since the packet made quite a big batch, only a third of it was used.

To make the soup, I peeled some ginger (with a spoon! anyone else know this trick long ago except for me?), then chopped it up.

And put the chopped ginger in a pot of water with sugar.

Then bring to a boil to make a ginger-infused simple syrup. I also ended up adding a tad of brown sugar for a darker color and stronger hint of flavor (not shown).

At the store, I also bought a can of peanut soup. It’s a sweet dessert soup with raw peanuts cooked until soft. It’s yummy on its own as well.

Then for assembly, I got the dou hua (which didn’t firm up as nicely as I would’ve liked — perhaps it needed more powder), tried to spoon some slivers into a bowl filled with ice.

Then, added the peanut soup and ginger-infused simple syrup (after it had cooled a bit).

Done. Eat. Gone. It was good, but definitely could’ve been improved upon — definitely a bit more powder to make the dou hua firmer. Perhaps another day, another post. I’ll have to revisit this one! If you’ve ever made home-made dou hua, please share tips!


One response to “Makeshift Dou Hua with Peanut Soup

  1. Next time you make this, I want to make some too! It looks similar to an Asian dessert I’ve had, but I can’t remember what it was.

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