Uintah’s Beehive Cheese Co. Tour in Photos

Beehive CheeseUintah… It’s past Layton and on the way to Utah State University. Oh, also home to the Beehive Cheese Co. — one very good reason to get out that way.

Thanks to City Weekly, I was able to buddy up and take a tour of the place with owner, Tim.

It was a cold, windy, somewhat rainy drive as we ventured out of Salt Lake City, but we made it. Check out the photos of our northern Utah expedition…

Our tour started in the lobby to a grand welcoming spread of appetizers and refreshing beverages. And, of course, there were also a few slabs of cheese available for our taste buds — Barely Buzzed (an award-winning coffee and lavender cheddar), Emigrant and the Rosemary Promontory.

As the group arrived sporadically, we munched and browsed around the goods. Before too long, Tim introduced himself and led us into the cheese-making room…

It was just a very clean room with cheese-making equipment — no actual making of cheese. A disappointment, but understandable disappointment (apparently, the cheese-making starts as soon as fresh milk arrives at 2am and stops when the milk is gone), I was able to find photos of the process on their site.

From there, we went to the giant walk-in where the cheese is stored.

Then the fermenting (I think that’s what it was called…) room where the new “Butterbound” cheese began its birthing process.

Favorites? The Barely Buzzed for sure and the Emigrant. I’ll let you know on the SeaHive soon enough… Mmmm, cheeseeeeeeeeee.


4 responses to “Uintah’s Beehive Cheese Co. Tour in Photos

  1. Thank you for joining us for the tour and for sharing your experience.


  2. I would love to taste those cheeses! Even if I am lactose intolerance, I know how to appreciate good cheese.

  3. thanks for having us, tim! i had a great time.

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