Lansia Does Sweet Pork Barbacoa // Part II: Polenta with Creamy Corn Sauce

With much sweet pork comes the question, what do I do with it all?

Well, one night I made a baked polenta, sandwiched in some sweet pork and topped it off with a creamy corn sauce.

So here it is really quickly, broken down:

Creamy Corn Sauce
*bechamel sauce
*garlic salt

Make the bechamel sauce by warming some milk (stick a bay leaf in it for flavor, if you’d like). While the milk is warming, melt butter over a skillet and stir in some flour when melted — uhm… make a roux. For newbies, this mixture forms sort of a paste-like consistency. When the milk is warm (do not boil it), slowly whisk it into the butter-flour paste (or roux). And there you have, the bechamel cream sauce. Finish the corn sauce by adding the other ingredients and heating it for a bit…

Polenta Cakes
*polenta (or corn grits, as it’s sometimes labeled)
*tomatoes with chiles (leftover from the sweet pork)

Warm the milk in a heavy sauce pan. When the milk is heated (not boiling), slowly stir in the polenta. Constantly stir this mixture to even it out, as it will thicken quickly. Add corn and tomatoes into the mixture while stirring. When the mixture has stiffened up, sprinkle in the parmesan and give it a last couple of stirs before pouring it into a loaf pan — spray the pan with Pam beforehand to keep the polenta from sticking in the end. Bake the polenta until it’s given a chance to heat thoroughly for about 10 minutes or so, and let it cool. Pop it out of the loaf pan and slice it as you would banana bread.

Take a slice of the polenta, top with sweet pork and repeat to desired portion size. Pour creamy corn sauce over the top (add some of that sweet pork glaze, if you’d like) and enjoy! Oh, I also added some potatoes — just cause I had them lying around… That’s what the white circles are in the photo above…

I know, I know… the above instructions are very rough… If you need more specific instructions, just give me a holler. More sweet pork usage to come — stay tuned!


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