Life Lessons from Tubing the Weber River

A load of new friends and I cruised out to Morgan, Utah this weekend for a fun-in-the-sun river tubing day on the Weber.

Master planner, Holly, made reservations with the Barefoot Tubing company for our group of 14, made sure everyone had a food assignment and went through the checklist of items for every individual to bring. Um, yes, I believe Holly and I would travel well together as we are crazy trip planners — itineraries and all, to fully utilize the trip, of course.

Anyway… after finally arriving at Holly’s (yay construction!), we jetted off to Morgan to begin the adventure.

Tubing life lesson number one:
Tip: When you borrow a friend’s tubes, borrow the life vests as well — even if you don’t think you’d wear it. Barefoot informed us that there were fines given by rangers to those without life vests. We ended up having to rent tube/vest packages for everyone… sad. Although, a few of us did see some boys get fined — so whew!

Tubing life lesson number two:
Always count, recount and count again the number of tubes to people. In fact, after we counted about five times, we still didn’t have the right number of tubes for some reason! Tip: have everyone grab their own tube, make sure everyone is set and then, have each individual put their tube in the car themselves. This way, you are assured there are enough tubes.

Tubing life lesson number three:
Be sure to buddy up when in big groups! We were so frazzled and anxious to get going after being down a tube, we forgot that we were all going to buddy up… This didn’t happen until after a few falls and the group scattered… We had some non-swimmers in the group… *eek* Tip: Buddy up; it’s quite fun… and makes the ride more enjoyable…

Tubing life lesson number four:
Avoiding tree branches is more important than avoiding the rapids. Rapids are fun. Tree branches just hurt. I quote Thao, “Watch the face!” Tip: steer clear away from any tree branches — I have war wounds battling those pointy bastards!

Tubing life lesson number four:
Tip: Pile on the sunscreen and never leave the water! My shoulders are burnt, my legs are uber tan (as well as my arms and face) and my lips are a bit chapped. Why did I opt for a lighter load and fore-go the water bottle the second run down? Luckily we met a group of guys with two coolers full of refreshing beverages.

Tubing life lesson number five:
Watch for the eddy — they’ll hold you on tight… Tip: catch the currents to escape the eddy, but don’t catch a strong one if you are looking to get out soon. Yeah… I didn’t exit where Holly got out… It did not help that I only had one hand available.

Other life lessons that may be useful:

*If you tie a sack of beverages to a tube, don’t tie it to the bottom where no one else can see it unless you flip over.

*Prepare for spray if a carbonated beverage has been shaken practically unconscious down the river.

*Always bring My and Thao on your trip for the awesome-st food and adult beverages — a complete set in any book (of mine, at least).



6 responses to “Life Lessons from Tubing the Weber River

  1. Awesome Lansia! Great article !!! I wish this blog was available before I was on that very trip 😀

  2. haha. thanks Nhu… at least now we know for next time!!

  3. Yeah, I didn’t put on enough sunscreen when I went to Waterworld, my shoulder skin spent the next two weeks peeling, and it looked like it’s a snow fall. Gross.

  4. Very good article, thank you for sharing

  5. How much cost per person?

  6. hey bali, it’s about $25 with service from barefoot tubing. otherwise, you can bring your own transportation and equipment to coast on your own. cheers!

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