TORC 3: Waka Waka Groove Groovin’

Track on Repeat Craze #3: ShakiraWaka Waka (This Time for Africa) / the FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Anthem.

Yes, I am very behind. Yes, the World Cup is long over. Yes, I still love this song! It was during a cruel, cruel talk about hitting up the beach with my friend Heather (Utah is so dry!). That’s when it happened. I heard “Waka Waka.” And… it made me want to go to the beach even more! Damn this beautiful red rock desert that is Utah!

The song just made me want to groove and cheer along in Fang, a language from Cameroon — even awkwardly at my office desk in front of the computer. And hell no! Who cares if the words, waka waka, made no sense to me — it was just fun to say… even if there was no one to rally along with… *aw, sad…

Spinning in the 6-disc player (and in the Amazon MP3 widget):

1. Various Artists from Wicked: The MusicalWicked: The Musical
2. Kristinia DeBargeExposed
3. CascadaEvacuate the Dancefloor
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. Lady AntebellumNeed You Now
6. BoAMade in Twenty

PS: Yes, Missy is still in the six-disc… She just played Lilith too (with Jill Hennessy, Courtyard Hounds, and many more awesome musicians)! I’m totally sad I missed it…


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