Food Tours, Raspberry Shakes, Kayaks, BBQ, Caving — Our Bear Lake Weekend Itinerary

I know. I know. It may be a sickness. Anyone that travels with me will tell you the same (although some may be a bit more discreet in their wording). Yes. I am… a planner. Theresa may still have the spreadsheet I created for our two-week Japan stint.

Ever since the Beehive Cheese Co. tour Heather and I took, I wanted to go to Logan and do more food factory tours. There’s a whole slew of food factories in Logan and Cache Valley. In fact, there’s a listing of places for the complete Cache Valley food tour.

It didn’t take too much convincing, but I was able to grab a good group of friends and hit a few factories. Oh, then we also hit up Bear Lake and the Minnetonka Cave. Beware my (over)preparedness…

The itinerary as sent out to the group:

8:30am – meet for caravan
10:30am to 10:45am – arrive in Logan
10:45am to 11:15am – tour the Cox Honey Factory (
Cox Honeyland: reserved – 435/752-3234 | 1780 South US Hwy 89-91, Logan

11:15am to 12:15pm – buy cheese from Gossner Dairy ( and bread from Crumb Brothers Bakery
Crumb Brothers Bakery: 7am to 1pm – 435/792-6063 | 291 South 300 West, Logan.
Gossner’s Foods: 8am to 7pm – 435/752-9365 | 1051 North 1000 West, Logan.

12:15pm to 12:45pm – Farmer’s Market

1:00pm – tour the Aggie’s Ice Creamery (
Aggie’s Ice Cream: reserved / store 10am to 10pm – 435/797-2112 | 750 North 1200 East, Logan
$3/person but free scoop at end of tour

3:00pm – leave for Bear Lake through Logan Canyon
3:45pm – check into lodging
4:00pm – drop stuff at lodging, change and head to lake

4:15pm to 7:30pm – play at lake

7:30pm to 8:00pm – get raspberry shakes and fries at the Quick n Tasty

8:00pmbbq at condo and what not … dinner and games at condo

9:00am – check out of condo (must be out by 10:00am)
9:15am – play more at Bear Lake!

2:15pm – head to Minnetonka Caves and buy tickets for tour
Minnetonka Caves: 10:00am to 5:30pm – 435/245-4422 or 208/847-0375 | Caribou National Forest Hwy. 89, S. of Paris, W. on Forest Rd. 412 before St. Charles, Idaho (follow signs to the cave by going into Idaho on the main road)

Obligatory group photo for the end of the trip, thanks guy from the Cave for taking the photo!

4:30pm – head back to Salt Lake through Evanston

Awkwardly, although not planned, all three cars ended up at Gossip for dinner… Both Thao and I were craving noodle soup. Apparently, Nhu and Holly were both craving chicken wings. Odd.

Oh, would you like me to expand on my planning skills? If you are headed out to Bear Lake for a trip similar to ours, here’s what you may need to know (as sent to my group with a few edits):

Grilled Chicken and Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon Paninis
We will stop by Gossner’s and get fresh cheese. We will stop by Crumb Brothers and get fresh bread. It’ll be fresh and easy.

Chicken and salmon can just be tossed on the stove (we’ll I’ll prep these on Friday) and grilled. Then we’ll grill up the bread and cheese when we are ready to eat. We’ll bring lettuce and other garnishing.

Then we will bring in some fruit, per Holly’s suggestion: watermelon and grapes.

Vodka with juice mixers and champagne! Then, beer, of course.

Looks like the consensus is honey and ice cream. We’ll just stop by Gossner’s, which is in-town, as opposed to visiting the Rockhill Cheese Farm in Richmond.

We need to arrive early at the Caves on Sunday morning and purchase our tour. Reservations are not allowed.

Bring any water/pool toys you have and would like for play.

If you are interested in renting jetskis, boats, or other watercraft, here is an idea of how much it will cost: or
^We are closest to Performance Rental. However, there seems to be lots of fee-access areas. Here’s a good map for reference:

Oh, I should note that we ended up renting in Salt Lake and hauling up kayaks. Outdoor Recreation from the University of Utah was just a better deal: $50 for a tandem inflatable kayak with all the fixings (pfd, car straps, car pad, paddles) — all weekend.

It would also be a good idea for us to make reservations for any equipment we want to rent.


Note: Lansia now accepts bookings for any group travel you would like to do. *ha*


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