She & Him at Salt Lake’s Last Twilight Series Concert of 2010

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward came last week to finish off Salt Lake’s ever-growing Twilight Concert Series. The last of an awesome lineup (other artists this year included Matisyahu, Modest Mouse, Big Boi and Chromeo), She & Him played at Pioneer Park last Thursday, August 26th.

You may recognize Zooey (and her voice) from the summer hit 500 Days of Summer — she sings a bit in that film… Super talented. Super cute. A bit quirky, but that’s what we all love about her, yeah? M. Ward also holds amazing talent, but he definitely plays more a backup role in the band — mostly kicking ass on guitar and lending a hand to a few background vocals (in addition to the Chapin sisters who occasionally open for the band).

The Twilight Concert Series drew in approximately 30,000 people last Thursday night. I say the “concert series” and not “She & Him” due to one particular conversation I overheard (*sigh*):

Teenage boy #1: “Hey, who did you say is playing tonight?”

Teenage boy #2: “I dunno, man. Just keep walking.”

Apart from those just looking for something to do (yay for free events!), She & Him had their true fans. A crowd of a few hundred started gathering well before the show and as the clocked ticked, a larger mass held ground near the stage.

Hot and drenched, I stood ground with my friend, Michael, as we rode the waves of retro-pop with the rest of the crowd. It. Was. Freaking. Awesome.

I must admit, towards the end of their set, I had to escape the sweltering heat pit to gorge my discomfort in a cold, refreshing beer. Outside of stage mass, it wasn’t as exciting… that certain atmosphere of the fans entranced by the music just didn’t carry over into the other parts of the park. The music was but a soft whisper, drowned out by the thousands walking around and chit-chatting throughout the park. I guess that was okay though — I saw it. I was part of it. I listened to it. I felt the music flow through me. And I have pictures to prove it.

One complaint I must express? WHY ARE SHE & HIM FANS SO TALL! I had the hardest time trying to see over the crowd and taller people just kept squeezing by me! Ugh!!


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