Salt Lake City NEEDS a Ten-Ren Tea Station

Holly and I went to California recently for my friend’s wedding in Fallbrook. It was a blast. The trip was only four days (but according to Priceline it was a five day car rental — bitches!), and it was packed to the hilt every single day.

For instance… we went to Tea Station three times during our trip!

Tea Station is from the renowned Taiwanese tea company, Ten-Ren. Add fun knick-knacks such as pudding, tapioca, red-bean and ice cream… and you have something that I crave at least once a week. The drinks are incredible delicious and the quality is bar-none. A recent found favorite is red-bean, grass jelly coconut drink above (right-most beverage) with ice cream! In addition to drinks, Tea Station also serves up a few small eats from Taiwan — tea eggs, fried chicken, shaved ice, etc.

The atmosphere welcomes groups to come socialize, play games or for something as simple as a study space — the classics of any good coffee house. Unfortunately, Tea Station has only made it’s way through some parts of California and doesn’t even come close to coming to Utah. Hence, the need to pack it in every time I visit.


3 responses to “Salt Lake City NEEDS a Ten-Ren Tea Station

  1. They need one here too! 🙂

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  3. Love Tea Station!

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