3:00 PM: Time for Some Boiling Crab!

5:55pm — Arrived at Long Beach airport.

6:45pm — Next in line to talk to the Hertz guy after patience slowly seeps from our systems.

7:15pm — Leaving LGB for way of Alhambra, California.

7:30pm — Lost in Los Angeles freeway construction madness.

8.00pm — Finally arrived at the acclaimed Boiling Crab restaurant on Valley Boulevard in Alhambra, where Holly’s relatives have already waited about 45 minutes for our table.

9.00pm — It’s hopeless.

We are starving. Holly and I finally walk inside the restaurant doors and ask how far down we are on the wait list… 8 parties ahead of us. We are curious… many of our friends have recommended this seafood chain. Holly is excited to catch up with her relatives. I am excited that I’m hanging out in LA with someone that likes seafood (*ahem* Brooke!).We poke our heads in further. What do we see? In the entire restaurant, there were only about eight tables! Why was this restaurant so tiny!? I could serve more people crammed in my backyard for a summer barbecue.

That was it. After almost two hours of waiting, we give up — unlike many of the other folks around us. Next door! Noodle World! Ten minute wait! Dinner! Done.

Hold up now! We did not give up!! That was our very first day in California; we still had another chance to go. And we did… at 3:00pm, right as the restaurant opened on the day just before our flight out.

Okay, so… let’s be honest. It was 3:00pm. We had grub earlier that day already and we just walked over from up the street — Tea Station. We were also going to dinner with some friends. There was no way we could have the full on experience of Boiling Crab, sadly. That being said… Holly and I played it easy. A small experience was better than no experience at all. Corn on the cob. Blue crab. That was it.

Corn: AWESOME! The seasoning is fantastic. Okay, so it’s greasy and messy, but that’s why the server ransacks you when you first sit at the table and ties you in to a bib before you even know it!

Crab: Good, but damned messy and so much work to get so little meat! As my friend Jamie puts it, sitting there at the restaurant, covered in the smell of the seasoning, a swarm of red-colored spices and buttery goodness covering every tid-bit of your hands — that is what the Boiling Crab experience was all about.

I ate every nook and cranny of that darned lil’ crab. Then, we quickly paid the bill and left before we gave in for more.

Verdict: We want to go back and experience it for an actual meal.

Problem: We do not want to wait 2.5 hours for a table for dinner.



One response to “3:00 PM: Time for Some Boiling Crab!

  1. Yummy! Crab!

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