Super Fast Homemade Ricotta Cheese!

Thanksgiving potluck… ahh, the ultimate feast of the office luncheons. While scouring the web for something pumpkin to impress my fellow co-workers, I found David Lebovitz’s gallery of goods: his recipe collection.

Amongst a sea of candies and sweets, I found a recipe for homemade ricotta! *Cheese is dairy crack!! I love it. It’s over here at Simply Recipes. Who knew it’d be so simple?! It took maybe 2 active minutes to cook ‘er up after work today. See it manifest through photos…

Whole milk. Greek-ified plain yogurt (strained plain yogurt a la Mountain High, oh sorry, I meant “yoghurt”). Rice vinegar (I didn’t have plain). Dash of salt.

Curdling takes effect as mixture comes to a boil!


Curdle, curdle.

Curdle, curdle, curdle.

Into the make-shift strainer — cheesecloth secured by a rubber band snapped to a plastic container.

Just a tad afterward…

A bit later…

After about 15 minutes into straining? I wasn’t really keeping hard tabs… Just whenever I finished cutting mushrooms and browning some sausage… how’s that for accuracy of time! I was prepping the gnocchi for dinner!

Final product!! So coooooooL. Yes, I was quite amazed.

Since I made gnocchi the other day, I put it with my mushroom pesto gnocchi and sausage! Looks grand, doesn’t it?

Cheese layer one (of two).



2 responses to “Super Fast Homemade Ricotta Cheese!

  1. wow, that looks so yum!

  2. This looks SO delish – when are you making for me, friend?

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