Homemade Fried Spiral Potatoes (Tornado Fries)

Occasionally (although it may be weird), I like to go through my favorite food blogs when I eat. I came upon Seasaltwithfood‘s blog about spiral potatoes during lunch one day and was inspired for dinner. I had fond memories when I first experienced them in Taipei.

Spiral Potatoes in Danshui, Taipei

Friday, the (unsaid) sanctioned day for plans… I’m proud to announce, my friend Heather and I had some good ones. Staying green, Heather grabbed me from work for some thrifty home-cooked eatin’. Seeing the blog earlier that day, I suggested we make the potatoes. Brilliant (if I do say so myself).

After starting the tomato sauce and popping the spaghetti squash into the oven, Heather and I attempted to spiral a Russet potato. It was hard. I know, I know… the video in Seasalt’s blog says to use smaller potatoes. Well, we worked with what we had available (whoa, major unintentional alliteration there).

That was my attempt. It was definitely easier to peel the potato (and hey, it was also easier to tell when it was fried and crisp later on). Basically, you guide the knife along at slight angle, cutting to the skewer (but, obviously, not cutting through the skewer). When you reach the end of the potato, carefully spread the potato starting from the bottom of the skewer and moving your way up. Continue to do so until each section has room to breathe and crisp up when frying.

That’s Heather’s attempt next to my perfection. Sorry, Heather, but… I win.

And here’s the lot of the rest of our attempts thereafter…

We decided to try cutting the potatoes in half. It sort of worked.

It was difficult with a limited number of pots and pans, no deep fryer. But we made do, used a large deep pan and unleashed almost an entire bottle of canola oil. We opted to use canola since it was the cheapest in the house. We are po’ (so poor, that the rest of the word can’t even be formed, yes, that’s how it goes).

It sort of worked. There was a lot of moving and tilting involved to get the entire skewer crisped. The rest was just eyeballing it — to see if the entire skewer of potato was cooked.

Then just sprinkle with salt and pepper (or your choice of spice and flavor)…

It was deeeeee-lish-cious. Then again, almost any fried food is…

Next time, definitely using smaller potatoes (for ease of frying and spiraling). And perhaps we shall try sweet potatoes!

Oh, after dinner, Heather and I went to the opening night of White Christmas at the Pioneer Memorial Theatre. It was a great show — uplifting, full of holiday spirit and awesome dance moves. We practiced a few afterward at Ichiban where the cast/crew party was held. Oh yeahh, stylin’ it up.


3 responses to “Homemade Fried Spiral Potatoes (Tornado Fries)

  1. that looks yum. i agree, any fried food is delicious. you should try fingerling potatoes next time. they are small AND skinny

  2. Hahaha you definitely win, Lansia! (Although in my defense, I did get a little bit better later on. Not much… but a little.)

  3. They look delicious. I have tried one before at a carnival and I loved it. I like to put salt and vinegar on mine.

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