A Whiff of Taiwan: Almond Tofu Flavored Kit Kat

Almond Tofu Flavored Kit Kat… smells and tastes oh, so grand. A white chocolate Kit Kat that wafers with a slight almond scent.

Walking about the streets in Taiwan, you occasionally come across the almond tofu vendor (annin tofu for those of you familiar with the Japanese term, which also sounds very similar to the Chinese term). It’s one of my favorite scents in the world, a light airy touch of almond dessert.

I can’t say that I’ve ever gained a sense of almond nut smell… I don’t believe it smells like anything, actually. However, in a dessert, or the almond extracts… it’s unmistakable. This Kit Kat definitely has that scent along with the slight flavor of almond tofu. I’d say a good solid 7/10 on my taste scale. Yum.

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