The Bike to Work Fitness Hobby

Recently, I went sledding down Neff’s Canyon with a few friends (old and new). It was a BLAST. **Thanks to Holly for organizing the event!**

Yes, this is me (**okay, I find out later that this is really Holly and it’s too hard to tell us apart since we had the same colors on… almost) with the constant flurry of snow jetting in my face because it was so fast and uncontrollable on the saucer sleds. I totally recommend it.

Anyway, on this trip, while resting post-sledding and lunching at the Vietnamese deli, my friend Skylar mentioned he had a blog! A blog where you could track his real-time bike path to work and follow him in his adventures to and fro.

He bikes in the freezing temps of Salt Lake City, around 10 miles and 45 minutes each way. He bought studded winter tires off the internet for his journey in the slush and snow.

He has a trailer. He can haul more on his bike + trailer than I can on my motorcycle.

Stalk him on his daily route as you follow him through his GPS. Karolina, his wife, admits she does (you know, to make sure he’s not wondering around off the usual path).

It’s pretty awesome. Check it out:


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