Kiler Grove Winegrowers – A Utah First Winery and Tasteroom?!

Yep. I work with some super cool people.

Thursday afternoon = beer o’clock! In efforts to encourage socialization and networking, we have sort of implemented a social break in the day.

First week – spiced and spiked lemonades with lunch at the office.

Second week – wine-tasting at Utah’s first winery: Kiler (kai-ler; not pronounced killer that you would naturally want to do) Grove.

It was awesome. Fun. The gal who poured our wine, Rhea, was a true wine enthusiast. Just two of my co-workers (sorry, Heather), Rhea, a white Trebbiano and three red wines…

Their wines are pretty awesome. Don’t the faces of my co-workers naturally relay that affect?

First up, the Trebbiano – a white grape that’s very mild. Normally, I associate white wines as crisp and light-bodied wines (aside from Chardonnays, I suppose). However, the Trebbiano was different. It was almost a mix of a crisp, tight Sauvignon Blanc mixed with a lighter bodied Chardonnay. Great with white Irish cheddar (like the Dubliner, which we had to go with it). I loved it.

Into the reds, Zinergy – the winery’s flagship wine. This wine blends mostly Zinfandel grapes with Petite Syrah and Grenache fruits. The Grenache brings out a certain sweetness to it. Typically not a Zinfandel lover (I say lover, because I’ll drink any wine set before me, so I still like it all enough to drink it!), I really enjoyed this wine. It had numerous flavor notes that hit at different ranges.

Zinergy from Kiler Grove Winery

Interpretation – Another red grape blend, this one made from grapes of the Rhone region of France: Grenache and Mourvedre grapes with a touch of Petite Syrah. The Petite Syrah, if I remember correctly, gave it a zing at the end – just a touch of spiciness in the finish. Intriguing blend.

Lastly, the Petite Syrah – all Petite Syrah fruit. Rhea had us try this dark rich-colored red wine with milk chocolate morsels. Oh. My. Gawd. The sweetness really enhanced the wine as it melted away in my mouth. I could gain 20 pounds on this combination in a month, I predict. Smoooooooth and dangerous.

Petite Syrah from Kiler Grove

Do I sound like a wino yet? What if I added in words and phrases like… tannins, full body, pear-accented notes, and smoky aromatics? Ha.

Check it out! Utah’s first (or is it Salt Lake City’s first because there’s that one place in Moab?) winery and tasting room right in the city! They are open for free wine tastings at super convenient times and with super nice, knowledgeable enthusiasts!! It’s all pretty awesome, especially considering Utah’s infamous liquor laws eh?

Kiler Grove wines are only available at the winery/tasteroom (or online) – not sold in liquor stores!


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