Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam: Salt Lake Edition

Try new things. I try and stick by that motto for it brings experience into life. Right?

Well, I can tell you for a fact that this was definitely a new thing – monster truck rallies. My friend Chi-Chi wanted us to attend the Monster Jam before my birthday bash a couple of Saturdays ago. Why the hell not.

Fifteen dollars lighter, dressed up in my best monster truck rally apparel (agreed upon Chi-Chi and myself, but apparently not the two other friends who went with *ahem* Johnny and Jessica!), we parked at the Gateway Mall and walked across the street to the Energy Solutions Arena — ready to scream out hearts out for our favorite Monster Truck.

BURY THEM IN DUST, EL TORO LOCO!!!! I choose El Toro Loco because he is the coolest looking truck with horns and all, IMO.

Well, from every experience comes education, I’d think…

Here’s what I learned — monster truck rallies are not the same as demolition derbies. I have a feeling a demo derby was more what I had in mind. I wanted more cars to get run over! More vans to get crushed under the giant wheels of a monster truck! MORE MAYHEM!!! Um, only about 11 vehicles were smooshed by the ginormous wheels of monster trucks… over… and over…. and over…. again.

Monster truck rallies are incredibly loud. Ask for the ear plugs from the customer service desk before entering the arena. VROOOOM, VROOOOOOM, VROOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

The races are all about getting across the finish line first – speed, not height is what matters.

But coolness on other hand (and I suppose, that freestyle round), it’s gotta be said that height, looks, style, intrigue — it all matters.

Except for when… Grave Digger – that one monster truck your friend hypes up and says is supposed to be the killer… he tries to impress the crowd a bit too much and goes (too) big… then falls on its side.

Oh, but hey, on the bright side of things… it’s sort of neat watching them tow the humongous truck back up with the crane. Odd how large they really are but how our awesome seats made them seem like small Hot Wheels die-cast models.

Another thing I learned? I want to ride one of these jet engine modified ATVs.

And one of these plush El Toro Loco trucks. Aw, so cute!

El Toro Loco Plush Toy


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