Yuh Huh Them! Uh Huh Her + Diamonds Under Fire: Salt Lake City

Wednesday. March 23, 2011.

Post: day at the office.

Post: traffic ticket at 200 S. and State.

Post: Ennlee’s call about her traffic ticket – same intersection.

Post: awesome Mediterranean food from dinner at Atlantic Cafe and Market.

Post: waiting in line for almost an hour outside of Urban Lounge.

Finally inside the venue!


Still waiting. Hey, cool drums.

About 1.5 hours later. Hey! Diamonds Under Fire.

Strong, heavy alternative rock with grunge and angst coursing through the veins.

Not bad.

At break down… photo-hungry Sora got an amazing picture from lead singer of the band who posed, especially for her.

Needless to say, Sora was ecstatic.

She later got an autographed CD at the merch table.

About another half hour later.

Drummer, Josh.

Guitarist, Brad.



In that order. Maybe. Yuh huh, finally. Uh Huh Her.

Great show. Amazing performers. Fantastic musicians.

Audience… um… I’ve never been so pushed around, distracted by conversation (and unprovoked yelling), blinded by flashes and annoyed by text messaging so much. What happened to going to a concert for enjoying the music (respectfully)? I hope those on stage weren’t as in awe of these disturbances…

But hey, it was worth it. Go see them while they still have a few tour dates left!


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