Lenka with Greg Laswell (Abridged) – SLC Stop

Shortest concert I’ve ever! Well, from the ones I have attended and not including the Allure concert I saw at Knott’s Berry Farm one long time ago. Remember “All Cried Out“?

My Chemical Romance played at the same venue that night… just a couple hours or so later. Concert started promptly at 6:30pm (whaaaaa?! concert starting on time — that’s unheard of!) and ended just around 9:00pm since there was a curfew. As Greg Laswell put it, how very “rock and roll” was this daylight concert.

Would not have spent my Friday night any other way though. We just all wanted more music!! Fooey on In the Venue for dawning a curfew and silencing the music (but yeah for bringing the music to Salt Lake?)!

Greg performing some pedal magic.

Greg’s stage buddy – I forgot his name… 😦

But I like his shoes.

He also had a cool guitar strap.

Lenka‘s stage props are always awesome.

I believe she makes most of them herself.

Oh, and who would’ve known… she does a great Fargo-inspired American accent when talking about the merch table.

Fernando Sanchez – drummer. Awesome.

He was drumming so hard, my crappy camera could not get a good photo of him.

I like his troll doll.

I like the pig too. I was tempted… to… oh, nothing. Nevermind.

The gal next to me, by our urging, wrote in “Skipalong” to the shortened set list. I think the band saw the addition, but couldn’t do much about it… especially due to their curfew!! Aye yah…

Hm… this definitely would’ve been the best first show for any young’un. It ended early, Lenka is super kid-friendly (and she’s super nice), it started on time… And hey, all the alcohol went up to the My Chemical Romance show. We saw them haul up a bunch of kegs and crates while getting rushed out by security while waiting in line to get a CD. Yay! Rock-n-rollin’…

Get her new album – her reason for tourin’: Two.


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