So Many Beers – Our Denver Booze Tour Weekend

Just how many beers can you drink in two days?

Well, there’s no better place to find out than in Denver! My friend, Yuko and I went down for Easter weekend to hit up as many breweries as we could in two days. Our verdict? Approximately 30+/- different types of beers we downed in two days. Never mind any sort of buzz we may have absorbed, we were so full, we hardly had any real meals.

Oh yes. Definitely. This adventure comes with photos. Read on!


Westminster, CO / C.B. and Potts Brewpub

Two hours after deplaning our flight from Salt Lake, we finally arrived at my friend Marlana’s house. We dropped our stuff, gave her a quick hello chat before she went back to bed (doctor’s: they work too hard!) and rushed off to a nearby lunch suggestion at C.B. and Potts.

First beers in Denver! I had the Big Horn Hefeweizen. Yuko had the… 71 Pale Ale, I believe? Yum. That first one always hits the spot! And them cups are seemingly twice the size of those seen in Salt Lake! OH YEAH.

Golden, CO / Miller Coors Brewery

Zipping through lunch then zooming off to Golden, we made it out to Coors just about a half hour before they were going to close. Whew.

We parked at the lot specified from the nice gentleman on the Coors hotline mid-drive to also assure they were still open. And shortly thereafter, a stubby tour bus came by to pick us up. A quick three-stop tour of Golden and we were soon dropped off at the Coors entrance. A super cute city, I wish we had more time to explore Golden before we had to leave and meet my friend for dinner. Next time!

We zipped towards the front entrance to show off our IDs and get wristbanded. The nice gals up front also provided us with audio tour guides for our self-guided tour through the well-marked facility.

About half-way through the tour, a pleasant surprise awaited us – a gal in front of two taps: Coors Light and Coors Banquet. We were especially delighted to hear that it was just a sweet appetizer before you get to the main beer room.

In addition to the audio guide, there are also a few all-knowing-beer-fact folks along the pathway. Trained to answer any additional questions and provide great insight, they, in our case, helped us take photos.

A welcoming Coors sign leads straight down the stairs to the… BEER room! Samples aplenty. I overheard a gal say she just ran straight to the Coors factory after work. Aw, what it’d be like to live in Denver…


Fort Collins / Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) Brewery

About an hour north of Denver lies college town and beer town (I guess they are almost the same thing, huh?), Fort Collins! Or, as the gal I talked to at Budweiser put it… Beer Capital of the Nation!

Ohh — There’s nothing like Budweiser and Clydesdales at 11 in the morning.

It’s a guided tour – ours with a very informative, well-rehearsed yet casually funny gal going to school in Fort Collins. Wahoooo.

It takes about an hour to hour and a half for this guided tour.

I think you also end up walking over a mile.

The tour also leads into the stables to see the gorgeous (and enormous) Clydesdales horses!

There’s also a couple of beer wagons in there… you know, those wagons which the Clydesdales pull?

Why isn’t beer still delivered in these wagons? That’d be awesome.

To finish off our tour, complete with exercise, we went back to the main entrance area where a group of dapper, young gentlemen greet us with already poured samples of Landshark Lager. And… they continue to pour you many other samples thereafter – including the Wild Blue.

The beer samples are different depending on what they have at the facility. So, it’s always worth a visit the next time you are in town…

I’ve got to admit… I enjoyed Budweiser a lot more than Coors. So, if you only have an opportunity for one – try to hit up Bud. Hey, what can I say? Bud’s got horses.

Fort Collins / New Belgium Brewery

After a quick lunch in Old Town at the lovely, randomly, stumbled upon La Creperie… we rushed to New Belgium, home of Fat Tire.

The tours filled up quicker than a couple of weeks in advance so we never had the chance to partake. But with the advice of a friend (while drinking the night before), we were enlightened to find out, you can just venture in to sample the beer. Who knew! I blame living in Utah all these years for not knowing… Thanks Ashley!

A token for each nicely sized sample. This was the busiest brewery we encountered all trip! Definitely well worth the quick stop.

True to their image, they even had a lot of bicycles parked outside.


Fort Collins / Odell Brewery

Our last brewery stop of the trip: local brewery Odell – which, I have never heard of until researching breweries near Denver. It was on this website I saw, a decal was on the Coors’ bus guide’s Nalgene bottle (she also went to school in Fort Collins) and it was mentioned the night before (while drinking) as well. Awesome place! It was also hopping.

Here, we sampled many, many, many beers… blame it on the vacationing! We can’t get it in Utah, why not live it up!

A taster tray and a co-pilot taster tray (can’t get these anywhere but there!) did it in for us.

That ended our beer for the weekend. We did have wine the next day. We tried to find beer but being Easter and a Sunday… we found no open breweries. Next time, next time! Same with all the excitement of Boulder we kept hearing about… next time, next time!!


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