Silver Coneheads Ride Tour de Brewtah 2011

A quick trip to Pib’s Exchange during Friday’s lunch break… Rainbow socks. Superhero costumes. Funny ties. Handcuffs. Nothing. Nothing struck a chord. No inspiration.

A run-in with Skylar… Silver. Coneheads. 10:30am. Done.

It was decided. We were going to go all out silver and have cone heads. What were we? Silver people with cone heads. No specificity. No exact definitions.

After a night at the DI (the local go-to thrift shop), an alarm-woken morning, a scramble to the hardware store, and a few hours of glistening silver to our clothes and bodies – we were finally ready to pursue our heart’s desire on the delightfully sunny Saturday it turned out to be… BEER! We were finally ready to head down to the Tour de Brewtah (late as we had planned on being there).

We sprayed our clothing silver.

We fashioned cones from white poster board.

We strapped the ghetto blaster to our backs.

And off we went to tour the local downtown breweries, all for a good cause (of course).

Along with approximately 400 other good Samaritans (double the amount of last year), we biked through downtown Salt Lake City to earn our pints at each of the destination breweries – Uinta, Squatters, Red Rock, Desert Edge and the Beerhive (serving Bohemian, which is located a great deal further South). Some in costume, some not, but all ready for a frosty tall glass.

As I’m sure my group will agree, it was definitely one of the most momentous and blasted-fun days of our lives.

For those of you who are new to the event (as were we), here’s a quick rundown of how it worked this year.

1. Preregister for the event (do this ahead of time as it sold out a few days in advance of the event this year)! Tour de Brewtah.

2. Check in at the Tour de Brewtah booth held at the Live Green Festival at Library Square. You’ll receive your wristband and map there with a quick rundown of events for the day.

3. Bike to each destination where volunteers and staff will mark your wristband for your drink ticket. Redeem that ticket for a pint inside!

4. Return to the Live Green Festival at Library Square to get your commemorative pint glass and meal.

5. Enjoy the rest of the day at the festival with live music, raffles and fun!

The money made from the tour goes to non-profits and costs. What better way than to give back a little while having fun and getting some exercise!

There were supposedly costume contests and other activities, but we weren’t sure how they went on. Did we win?! If you know, we’d love to know as well!

Next year, we are planning our group look ahead of time. We’ve lived and learned. Tour de Brewtah 2012 – watch out.


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