Sheila E. and the E Family: 2011 Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival

For anyone who did not see Sheila E. and the E Family this past Friday at the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival, you missed some wicked percussion jamming. There is never any disappointment whenever  I see the Escovedos perform.

Smashing entrance. Incredible solos. All-out attitude. And the occasional blast from the past (or as they say, taking it back to Oakland).

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The first night of the Jazz Fest was a riot – the good kind, of course. When my friends and I returned from dinner at Al Forno’s, the crowd grew about 100 times what it originally was at around 7:00pm. We hopped to the closest seat I could find while waiting two more performances before Sheila E. and the E Family.

Then it started. You could feel the excitement filling the air. Jeremy wiki-ed Sheila E. just beforehand to get an idea of what to expect.

His friend Charlie asked me if I liked jazz… Sure, but it’s not something I typically listen to… Is Sheila E. similar to the stuff we’ve been hearing? Yeah… kind of…. Then, why do you like her? They are performers! They are just fun to watch! Um… yeah. It’s like watching musical dynamite explode on stage with ashes of fun-filled beats spreading all over the audience.

The audio isn’t the best, but (try to) hear what I mean…

Sheila E. drum solo – probably the most amazing part of the night.

Can you believe she’ll be 54 this year?

And Peter Michael Escovedo just turned 50 years the day before performing.

Yep. This guy. He wears stylish threaded jeans that I can’t even pull off.

And Mr. Escovedo himself? He’s 76 (or will be in two days)!

And let’s not forget Juan Escovedo.

I want these musical genes! Hot. Damn. Diggity. Yo!

Well, the E Family has a new album, Now & Forever, featuring collaborations with folks like Earth, Wind and Fire, Gloria Estefan and Joss Stone. Don’t just buy the album though, GO SEE THEM ON TOUR! The album (although great as it is) just doesn’t do a live performance justice.


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