Moab – Touristy Version, Part IV-2: Arches National Park, Delicate Arch

After a quick dip in the river and setting up our camp site before it got too dark, we went back to Arches National Park to hike Delicate Arch during the golden hour.

Delicate Arch is a moderate hike about 3 miles round trip that takes you to the (probably) most prominent icon of Southern Utah and/or Arches National Park.

There are some climbs, but nothing too difficult and easily trekked by anyone with enough determination (and water?).

As always, majestic scenery throughout.

Did I mention it’s a very crowded hike? The mountains behind the red Utah desert landscape where the arch sits may make for a photographer’s wet dream.

If you are looking to get a solo photo under the arch, be kind and wait in line. You’ll most likely notice folks standing off to the side of the arch awaiting their turn to take a photo alone (or with their own group).

Just before sundown, you’ll may see a flurry of photo snaps to capture that perfect shot. I have a one, maybe? Ah, memorrrrieeeeeees.

As you head back down on the trail, take a right off the pathway to see rock art! It’s a very short detour that loops around to showcase some historic artwork from the Utes.


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