Moab – Touristy Version, Part V: Kayaking the Moab Daily

What better way to end a trip then a relaxing day down the river?

Labor Day Monday, we rented a couple of duckies, inflatable kayaks, and went with Red River Adventures down the Moab Daily.

After a failed effort to run the river the day before, we made reservations before hiking around Arches National Park and arranged a trip down in duckies.

We packed up the campsite early morning and headed down to Red River Adventures for our river run.

Geared up with Keens, water bottle, shades, suntan and a cooler of beer (but not enough beer), we took an informative 45 minute ride along the Colorado River to Hittle Bottom. The guides point out fun facts along the ride – Yogi Bear rock, Fisher Towers, etc. I just want to sleep but it’s too sunny and exciting; it was really early.

At Hittle Bottom, the guides unload but not before pointing out the Google Earth-able restrooms – no ceilings! Awkward.

It’s September, so the river flow is fairly slow and the rapids aren’t grand. It was perfect for beginner kayakers like ourselves. Although we did not plain ahead and drank most of the beer before our river trip (damn the Utah liquor laws! and our not thinking ahead!), a calm river still makes for good drinking time.

And even goofing around.

Or just plain relaxin’ in the river.

The rapids, what remained of them, at least, were minimal. Although, normally this run is a class II or III.

We tried to make it seem exciting. In photos, at least. Except… Anthony and I did fall out during a rapid because we hit a it sideways. Through the entire run, I sat in back while he held up the front – we probably should have switched to balance out the kayak, but that’s no fun, right!?

Just a bit over mid-way, we broke for lunch. Wraps a la the Red River crew.

Lots of cairns there.

Then more fun on the river.

A bit of Whip It, river style…

Enjoy the scenery…

And before we knew it, we were at Takeout Beach. Beer gone. Day well into the afternoon.

Another 45 minute shuttle ride back to Red River Adventures and it was close to 4:00pm. A quick shop along Main Street (y’ know, to catch those Labor Day sales) and a quick snack at Zax Pizzeria, then we were on the road back to Salt Lake.


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