A Charitable UHH Halloween in Photos

Uh Huh Her toured out to Salt Lake City again this year – charitably this time. You may have seen those “I love boobies” bracelets and other swaggy gear – all that and more was much-a-present at the Urban Lounge, October 30, 2011 for the Keep A Breast tour with UHH and featuring Jarrod Gorbel.

Oh, I’m sure it never hurts to do a bit of cross-promotion since UHH just released an album as well – Nocturnes.

Opening Act: Jarrod Gorbel with Andrea Babinski.

Best part of Jarrod’s act? He called the audience out on their incessant, distracting, very loud talking while he and Dre played. Who would’ve thought that you’d come to a concert to listen to the music instead of just chat with your friends? Go. Jarrod.

Headlining Band – UHH with sporatic Halloween getups.

If you look past the blur, you can see a dagger in Leisha‘s boot.

It goes with her viking helmet.

It was passed around at bit…

But I think eventually costuming got too warm…

Eventually it was just plain clothes.

There was also a lot of hard-rockin’ going on that contributed to the excess heat – I’m sure.

Until UHH comes around again…



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