After Thanksgiving Special at Forage

What better way than to celebrate a giant Thanksgiving meal than another incredibly delicious meal at Forage? Our menu for the night…

Winter squash croquette. Burst in your mouth goodness… usually the way a Forage meal starts off (usually as in… the two times I’ve been there now, ha!).

Soft scrambled egg with maple syrup and sherry cream…

You gotta dig deep for the goodies. Take a full bite, goodies and all. Yum.

Okay, I’m horrible because I can’t remember the outer coating, but the inside is kuri, Japanese chestnuts – roasted.

This dish was probably my favorite – kohlrabi with a buttermilk… whey? (I want to say) dressing. Also topped with cheese curds, capers and watercress.

Freshly baked bread from Chef Bowman Brown and a smoked butter with sea salt.

Smoked tuna with yuzu (those dots), truffle, creme fraiche and I want to say… shallots? Wild onion? Something from that family…

Wild sturgeon – sooooo melty with soy caramel, mashed celery root and puffed rice.

Potato foam with caviar and puffed rice.

Lamb from nearby Eden, Utah. I’ll admit, I don’t really like lamb – it’s a flavor that I have just not acquired. However, this wasn’t bad; it still had a slight lamb flavor. Garnished with winter greens and… I can’t remember but yummy bacon-bit-looking things.

Sparkling yoghurt with yummy crisp wafers and uhmm… delicious red thingys?

There’s also a berry special surprise in the middle! I ate mine too quickly but I made Michael pause for me so I could take a photo of his middles.

Apple chips and apple dots with celeriac and marjoram. Yum, yum.

Pistachio parfait-ish thing. Luscious and creamy.

Then to finish it off… a hard chocolate caramel candy with a homemade apricot marshmallow.

I believe this term would be appropriate here: nom, nom, nom.


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