TORC 6: “I’m In [Lalalalalalalalalalalala] Love” – Meiko

Track on Repeat Craze #6: Meiko – I’m In Love / I’m In Love EP.

Okay, so I’m not really sure where you can buy Meiko’s new EP, I’m In Love. It just came out! I received mine through her campaign. And her album, The Bright Side, does not seem to be set for release until Spring 2012. So, enjoy the video below! WAIT!!

Beware – it is catchy.

Okay, you’ve been warned. Continue to hit play.

Lalalalalalalalalalala… lalalalala.. lalala.

And while you try and get the lalas out of your head, here’s a bit of assistance. Maybe. Perhaps?

Spinning in the 6-disc player:

1. Lenka – Two
2. Meiko – composite CD of Meiko and I’m in Love EP
3. Sandi ThomThe Pink and the Lily
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. GlorianaGloriana
6. Uh Huh HerNocturnes

Lalalalalalalalalalala… lalalalala.. lalala.

Still have it stuck in your head like I do? And apparently other fans? Well, here’s another suggestion… straight from Meiko herself.

Another thing that rocks about Meiko? She has a hilarious blog. It’s like a floating bubble that all of a sudden pops with hilarity – but in a blog post. Check it out if you ever need a giggle!

Lalalalalalalalalalala… lalalalala.. lalala.


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