Christmas Ideas – Hot Chocolate on a Stick

This year, for Christmas, I had this crazy notion in October (yep, definitely October as I sat on the van floor while we drove South drinking tea in the middle of the night looking for a spot to camp – Dirty Devil adventure) to create special blends of tea for office giving and then some others. But as my mind likes to do, my thoughts rambled on… What if they don’t take caffeine? What if they only like herbal? What if they don’t drink tea at all?

HOT CHOCOLATE! Why not do a custom blended tea in addition to hot chocolate? Well, boy did I ever think I was a creative genius when I thought of hot chocolate on a stick… but no. I googled it and found many, many sites on the topic. Apparently, Oprah named it as one of her favorite things! *If anyone can discover something ingenious, it’s Oprah.

Although I thought of this idea in October, maybe having it evolved in November… Of course, I did not start working on it until December – last minute, no doubt. So, I wanted simple, easy and quick. Here’s what I did…

Michael’s – bought a Wilton Brownie Pop Mold and lollipop sticks


Grocer – bought bags of bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch morsels, Andes mint chocolates, candy canes and festive sprinkles!


Ikea – spoons

In a makeshift double boiler (or pot with bowl over the top, in my case), I took the chocolate and melted it down slowly to temper it. I think I did a heat setting of about 3… low.

As morsels melt, I added a bit more – depending on how big of a batch I wanted to make. When they have melted into a shiny gloss, it’s about time to move them into the mold.

Feel free to add sprinkles to the bottom of the mold.

Or you could also add marshmallows…

Then carefully fill the mold with the chocolate (about just over half-way).

Temper other chocolates for various flavors…. and even add different ingredients to change it up more. For instance, here is bittersweet chocolate and butterscotch morsels.

More combination-al ideas…

  • Chocolate with cinnamon
  • Chocolate with almond flavoring
  • Chocolate with Kahlua flavoring (there’s something about chocolate, chemically, that doesn’t like alcohol – it’ll mesh together and get awkwardly chunky when mixed)
  • White chocolate with mints
  • Chocolate with Andes mint chocolates
  • Chocolate with pepper
  • Chocolate with cherries or other fruits

Need more ideas? Go to the hot chocolate shelf and see what Stephen’s has available. That might get the mill running…

After the mold has been filled, wait for it to set just a bit – a few minutes depending on how chilly it is in the house. Then center in lollipop sticks, spoons or candy canes.

If you insert in the stick too quickly, just position other items around it to help keep it steady and balanced… like I did with this spoon!

Sprinkle toppings on top, if you desire, for flair and so you know what type of chocolate it is that you created.

Wait fort he chocolate to completely set and… Voila!

Melt one stick into a steaming cup of milk for instant real hot chocolate.

Have improvements? Comments? Suggestions? Lemme hear them.


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