Foraging for a Utah Dining Experience

Another Sundance Film Festival down – always a busy but enjoyable time. It’s always hard to find really great food during the fest… especially when you are working and partying simultaneously for hours on end with no sleep.

Well, I think Forage is always impressive to the likes of big city out-of-towners. So after hyping up Forage to my new foodie friend, she booked reservations and sent me this note:

Ok – so I booked a table at Forage for Thursday night at 8.15pm. After you talked me into it – you better make time to eat with us that night!

We ended up getting earlier reservations, but anyhoo – here’s the rundown of our meal that night. A Sundance escape… as my co-diners mentioned in the restaurant, “I don’t even feel like I’m in Utah right now.”

Up first, as always, a burst of flavor to start you off right…

A roasted sweet onion croquette with a burst of cheddar.

And as with every meal I’ve had at Forage so far…

The soft scrambled egg with maple syrup and sherry cream. We spoke with Viet after dinner and he said this is actually super easy to make… Hm. Sure?

Looking back on the menu from this point, I think we went a bit out of order so we had this boat-iful dish next. Bahaha, get it? Boat? Boat-iful? Beautiful? I kill myself.

This was excellent despite the fact that I don’t love sheep (or goat) milk cheeses. Fresh greens on a buckwheat(?) cracker boat carrying aged sheep’s milk cheese.

Um, beet on a rice cracker with tidbits of apple and I want to say…. nuts?

And break… fresh bread over hot rocks! So cool. Served with smoked butter…

I love sunchokes! I think it’s weird that it’s part sunflower though.

Cracked buckwheat with sunchoke slivers and a whippity (I forget what kind of) sauce.

Transitioning from veggie dishes to meaty dishes, carrots and seafood! You know, because seafood isn’t really quite meaty but it’s still sort of closer to meat than vegetable?

Yum yum yum. I love carrots. Carrots with smoked mussels garnished by fried carrot straws (if I remember correctly) and carrot tuille cookies.

On to the other white meat…

Chicken cooked with hay ash with shallots, curds and whey. I doubt Little Miss Muffet had it this good.

Wrapping up the entrees…

Utah elk seared with honey and garnished with berries, beets and celery root mash. The beets and berries with the celery root were awesome.

Finally, my favorite course.

A really moist cake with preserved berries, fresh sparkling yogurt and milk. This was my favorite of the night. But this next one was came close too…

Pears with malt and hazelnuts (I think). Then I want to say the peaks were ice cream? I can’t remember, but I am drooling as I try to think of what it was… eek. Don’t look at my vulnerable state!

I know, I need a new camera. This was a sandwich of chocolate yumminess and crispy rice caramels.

Okay, I’m done. And hungry again. Crap. It’s too late to eat now!


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