Comforting Home(y)room Mac + Cheese

A couple months ago, I visited my friend Adrian and his girlfriend Naomi, out in Oakland. It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk up to 40th Street in Oakland for lunch – Homeroom. A fresh, airy joint specializing in mac and cheese… mmm.

My first surprise? Beer and liquor advertised everywhere! Hey, it was a while since I had escaped Utah and this was my first meal off the plane…

A very young (but very efficient) server came and took our order. Then, we waited. Adrian and Naomi with their lemonade, me with my water. While chugging down our beverages, we noticed one of those card catalogue filing cabinets… like those old school Dewey Decimal thingamajigs?

You can barely see it in this photo but it’s just behind the gal in the white tee. Apparently, it was for frequent dining cards – all on the honor system. You request a card from the staff, fill it out, one of the staff will mark it from your purchase and you just file it according to your name into the card catalogue. Now, whether you are Bob Avery or James Cochran, I assume they just have to trust you.

Our food came shortly after our card catalogue wonderment…

Mac n’ Bleu – bacon, onions with bleu cheese and crunchy walnuts.

The Exchange Student: Macximus – spinach, artichoke hearts with feta cheese.

Everything was good (not mind-blowing) and the portions are well-sized (easily shareable), but it’s a heavy meal as expected. The restaurant uses fresh local food vendors (I like that) so the prices are a tad higher than your fancy boxed Velveeta (I can deal with that). I probably shouldn’t have gorged myself on the entire plate… but when on vacation, eh! Needless to say, I did not have room for dessert… perhaps next time.


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