Bubble Drinks By Way of Tea Way

Brian had found this so-called tapioca heaven long before I visited during my birthday trip. First day in San Francisco, he took me up to the Richmond area to experience this long awaited bubble journey.

Tea Way copycats the likes of Yogurtland by providing a self-serve goodies station. Order your drink up front, grab your plastic cup and fill at will.

Be sure to leave enough room for the beverage portion…

Pass it along to the kind folks at the end of the line, where they will fill your cup with the beverage you chose up front.

Verdict? The pricing is reasonable – the goodies are average and the liquids are good. I like it. I don’t think as much as Brian, but he hasn’t been spoiled by the real deal in Taiwan. And so far, it’s just in SF… perhaps they will make their way to SLC just like Yogurtland? We need more diversity!


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