How to Change Your Kymco People S200 Drive Belt

As the weather (seemed) to be improving, many weeks ago I changed out the belt on my scooter on advice from my scooter guy. I also ordered a new gasket that I’d change while I was in there. Here’s a quick guide on the steps – photos taken just for y’all. *Aww*

Now, it took me a few steps before I remembered what exactly to do. Hopefully I have the steps here in order of how it should have been done, rather than how I actually did it.

First things first… you’ll need these tools before you start:

*There’s a list of torque values and relevant wrench sizes from this scanned manual at Scribd. It’s definitely worth a look and read for servicing your scoot.

Nice. Let’s get to it. Take out the seat…

Remove the gas cap and the screws around it.

Be sure to also remove the screws down below. There are two screws, just like the silver button looking one near the gas cap. Hold on…

Pop out the phone charger socket before removing the seat. Pull it out a bit further to expose the section where you can disconnect it (since the socket obviously doesn’t fit through the hole).

You may need a tool to press down on the hook latch that keeps it connected. Gently press down and pull apart to get it apart. If you haven’t done this in a long time (or ever), it may take a slight bit of oomph.

That last step should allow you to pull the seat out as a whole. No need to disconnect the seat from the under-seat compartment. The entire thing should easily pull up and out.

Next, remove the rack.

Use an Allen wrench to unscrew the rack.

Remove the back license plate and fairing thingy.

You may need an extender to get into those screws.

After the initial loosening, I like to just use the extender to unscrew it all the way through – less cumbersome.

Take out the screws on the sides as well.

As it loosens, you’ll notice a tug still. The lights are connected to the scoot so don’t tug too hard. There are two sets of wires to disconnect here.

Let the fairing piece gently hang as you disconnect the wires. They are both similar in assembly to the phone charger socket from the seat compartment – a latch that you press in and pull out.

Use the same method to disconnect the wiring. From there, you’ll be able to remove the main fairing.

At the foot of the fairing, pop out the tabs pictured above. Push in and carefully pull up. Do so on both sides. And gently pull off the fairing.

Next, remove the kick start to access the CVT assembly.

Remove the flappy thingy that helps fend off… dirt? It’s just hooked in there, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Then remove the cover by unscrewing all the surrounding screws. Logical, eh?

You’ll need an extender here as well.

And remove the bracket that helps hold that (see below) tube in place while removing that particular screw.

When all the surrounding screws are out, pull off the cover carefully to expose the clutch and belt assembly – there are inner parts that have the possibility of falling off.

I took this opportunity to affix the new gasket onto the cover. See how pretty it is and not ripped and torn? Wahoo!

Now the scoot should be pretty naked. *Oh my*

You’ll need a pneumatic wrench… an impact wrench? To remove the clutch assembly.

Unscrew and pull out the part. Remember the order it all came off so you can reassemble the same way…

Remove the belt from the assembly and pull out that nice new one to wrap on.

Cinch it a bit to fit it over the other side.

Then screw everything back on the way you had it.

Make sure it’s tightly wound back up. If it’s loose, parts will come undone and screw up the scoot when you start ‘er up.

For that quick check-check, after I assure it’s tight, I like to start up the scoot and see how it runs. Give it a bit of throttle and check to make sure everything runs like butter.

Then just put everything back the way you took it off! Duh. Feel free to run this how-to in reverse if you forgot?


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  1. Thanks for this info, this is exactly what I was looking for! Great Job!

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