Summer Season in Utah – Weber River Tubing

It’s become quite the annual activity. It’s cheap (depending on how much you drink, I suppose). It’s fun. It’s a whole day’s worth of adventure. It can be done, somewhat, on the fly, even. Last week, June 3, 2012, was our first tubing venture this year: Weber River, Utah.

Here’s a refresher on the in and out points on the Weber River. There are also a few good pointers when tubing down Utah rivers in my previous Weber River tubing blog with this tips. I’ve got a few more for ya this year…

Tubing Additional Life Lesson One
Be prepared. Here’s a list of what I like to bring (in addition to a tube, vest and other normal beach accessories, of course):

  • mesh sack for beer, I mean, beverages
  • dry bag for suntan, extra shirt, snacks or whatever else
  • Pelican case for my not-waterproof camera
  • at least 3-4 beers, per run, per person and maybe at least two cocktail Nalgenes per 3-5 people
  • water bottle or Gatorade
  • hat should you so desire for sun-screen
  • biners to clip everything to your tube

Tubing Additional Life Lesson Two
Butt up on rocks. If you cannot avoid rocks and other hard objects underneath, push up to avoid ramming butt-first over them. Try to do this as gently and smoothly as possible – one) to avoid excessive movement that may tip you over and two) to not increase pressure over jagged edges that would easily rip your tube. Just slightly push up using your arms and legs to lift that ass up…

Tubing Additional Life Lesson Three
Watch the holes. Notice how Zac sits much higher up in the first photo than the second? He has his finger plugged into a hole in that second photo – hence, how he still stays afloat! Avoid rocks if you can, especially during the beginning. If you hit them towards the end, at least you made a run out of it.

I think that’s all the education I can force feed today. Check out this fun video Burke took with his GoPro!


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