Geek Sew Your Own MP3 Pouch and Belt

My friend Brooke is a total craft nerd. A few weeks ago, I stayed with her while down in Los Angeles for a unexpected work visit. We. Geeked. Out.

Brooke recently helped me with an embroidery project at work. A bit before then, she told me about her latest impulse nerd buy – an embroidery machine complete with the muy expensive software. While I was in LA, she was even taking the accompanying class that came with purchase. Commitment, yo.

Well, after a hard night out on the town, we’d retire back at the house and… EMBROIDER! Alright, I’ll confess: I occasionally geek-out craft nerd style, too.

After much thinking, I decided that Brooke should make me a new MP3 pouch for my hand-sewn MP3 pouch and belt. Erm, I use it for riding – instead of weaving my headphone cord through my belt loops on my pants (if I even have them) and into the MP3 player stashed in my pocket, I made an independent belt a few years ago.

It holds a small Creative Zen Mosaic MP3 player placed in a pouch and belted onto an elastic waistband – perfect for hitting play on shuffle. Then the headphone cord just slips into those loops – just a hook and eye closure from any craft store should do the trick.

Well, first, I made Brooke sketch me out in her embroidery software. I chose some fabric and we did a test run on the machine…

It was tiny; I had salt and pepper hair. So, she decided to make me bigger – you know, to see how I look. She also wanted to see if a different fabric for my “skin” would eliminate that beard I grew in tiny Lansia.

Black Lansia looked pretty good, but she was way too big. We did a little bigger on the initial size and went back to the furry fabric taking care to pay more attention to the embroidery. I didn’t want a beard on my pouch anymore than I would want to grow one on my person. Eek.

Brook cut the fabric I picked into a pattern that she fashioned based off of dimensions I gave her for my Mosaic. It was a modified version of the pencil case pattern she had already made several times. Cut, cut, iron, iron. Pin.


I chose a ribbon for the “belt loop.”

The machine finished embroidering as the rest of the fabric was cut, cut, ironed or pinned. She sewed it together – the embroidery was stitched onto the “flap” of the pouch.”

See the comparison between the original size and the final size? We also eliminated putting my name on the side since it was so hard to read.

And as I rushed downstairs to finish packing so I could grab a quick bite with a friend and catch my flight… Brooke finished the pouch. She sewed the flap to the finished pouch (the solid green fabric seen on the inside is a liner). There’s also some Velcro sewn onto the pouch to hold down the flap.

When I took this home, I tried to put my headphones into the plug… it didn’t work well without using a little bit of aggressiveness to get that flap to Velcro close. So! I bought a grommet at the craft store and punched it in.

It was my first grommet-ing experience. I totally put it in backwards. But can you tell? *sly grin*

So the coolest part about this embroidery?

The glow-in-the-dark thread!! I totally had Brooke design it so that the cord leads to the grommet. I know. I am so creative. Er, okay, fine… nerdy.

But check out how sweet that pouch is lookin’!

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t a full tutorial on how to make your own awesome Lansia MP3 belt, but Brooke did most of the craftinerd. If you are really interested in more direction, contact me and I’ll bug her for more details.


One response to “Geek Sew Your Own MP3 Pouch and Belt

  1. Hey, that is so cool! (and crafty). Thanks for the b-day wishes. We’ve been kinda busy lately getting ready for the trip but let’s hang out when we get back!
    – Jess

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