Spanish Fork Canyon – Wine and Dine at Fifth Water Hot Springs

Last month, despite the near 100 degree weather, we hit the hot springs.

It was awesome. Wine. Sandwiches. Cherries. Wine. Bag of wine. Good company. Too bad I had to get back to the city for a birthday dinner…

The Fifth Water Hot Springs are located at Spanish Fork Canyon. I’ll have to say that the middle of summer is not as gorgeous as in fall when we went a couple or so years ago – Labor Day Champagne Hike and Picnic at Fifth Water Hot Springs. But it’s still just as fun! has a handy link on Google Maps to show exactly where the hot springs are located. It’s fairly easy to get there:

  • Head towards Spanish Fork (south of Salt Lake City) on I-15
  • Exit Highway 6 towards Price (that popular highway also leads to Moab)
  • Take a left on Diamond Fork Road, about 11 miles down the Highway
  • Follow Diamond Fork Road about 10 miles to where you’ll see a signed trailhead and parking lot
  • Done! Well, done driving…

You’ll also see bathrooms at the trailhead.

Once you start walking past the gate… you’ll soon come to a fork. Don’t go this way onto the trail…

Stay on the path in front of you – you will NOT be crossing this particular bridge.

You want to stay on the left side of that river.

As you hike along, the river should always remain to your right until that mid-way point at the bridge.

See how the trees on our right sort of drop down? That’s the river!

There was definitely some wash-away when we hiked along the trail. Just be careful of your footing during the more narrow spots….

Some of the spots are fenced with primitive posts, but not all the sections are enclosed.

About a third of the way down the path, you’ll see this funky stone (maybe… if it hasn’t washed away?).

This bridge marks the halfway point, I’d say…

You can probably smell the sulfur…

And ta-da! The pools! They aren’t as milky blue as they were before. I was so looking forward to that… Next time I guess?

The pools right below the falls always seem to be the coolest, except there are some to the right of the falls that are always really warm. We sat in a pool off to the lower right where there was just a bit of shade and where the cool water from the falls seemed to flow a bit more. We finished two bottles and one Clif bag of wine (thanks Jason for the wine!).

Oh, careful… there may be snakes.


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