Loops with Emily Wells – Kilby Court

Emily Wells played Kilby Court last night! It. Was. Awesome.

Local band, Daisy and the Moonshines opened it up for Emily and Dark, Dark, Dark. If you’ve never seen Emily play live – it’s something you cannot miss. Just ask Jeremy, my friend who I completely guilted into not flaking out. I don’t care if you just worked after having to babysit drunkards all last night! Yep, that’s what I said to him… well, okay, not exactly. But hey, guilt works.

I’ve seen her play with a band and as a solo act. I can’t decide which I like more as they are not-to-be-missed either way.

The coolest thing? The looping. No, not JGL meet Bruce Willis style – but like super-coordinated button mashup and major organizational skills. Check out this video *shh* that I took:

The Symphonies are my favorite.

I like the strings in it. It almost… makes me want to pick up the violin again and see if I remember any of that stuff I was forced to learn. You know, as all ABCs are raised to learn some sort of instrument – I was forced into piano and when I retaliated, forced into violin. Perhaps one day, when I am alone… in the house… all by myself…. I’ll try and mimic one of the violins.

Her more recent album, Mama, has this cool thing though – melodica.

I only know what a melodica is because of going to school in Japan! Where many young’uns learned to play it.

I love this continuous shooting mode on my camera.

It’s so fun!

Oh, and I just discovered that feature!

Listen to some of her kick-ass tracks on her site or on her SoundCloud. And catch her while she’s on tour now! Do it. Do it. DO IT.


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