Boiling Point – Taiwanese Hot Pot Dining

As with any trip to the Los Angeles area, I always make my friend, Brooke, dine with me. Utah is limited in its culturally diverse dining… So, based on recommendations, I forced Brooke (mostly by guilt) to bear the waitlist at Boiling PointGardena location.

To start off, prepare to wait at least 30-45 minutes. I believe we ended up waiting close to 80-90 minutes when we arrived around 8.30pm-ish. It’s a hopping place, apparently.

The service is slow and mediocre, but the food is excellent. As we sat down, the server brought us a couple of menus – a special noodle promotion menu and the typical dining menu.

A noodle upgrade was free for the promotional period. Needless to say, we both took advantage – I had tomato, Brooke had spinach.

The menu had 10 hot pot options. Since Brooke was on a vegetarian kick, she did 07 without meat (weird that the veggie option included meat, right?). I got 01, the house special. I had a craving for real Taiwanese and wanted all that goodness – stinky tofu, intestines, etc. I heard a few tables order more simply – beef hot soup, seafood hot soup, etc. The back of the menu were drinks and desserts.

One pudding boba drink for me, yum. If I could eat anymore, I would’ve gotten the slush too for dessert.

Well, as one gal slowly ate her lunch break away taking up an entire booth (with about 6 groups waiting for tables), we waited another (what seemed like maybe…) 30 minutes before our food came.

Personal serving size hot pots in a fancy custom made metal containment box with Sterno fuel burning underneath.

It was amazinggggg. The food was great. If you ran out of soup, you could ask for more as well. The noodles came in a retail bag – I broke mine in half so I could try and avoid overfilling the pot and keep it uncooked should I not be able to finish it all.

At the end, there was even dessert! Sweet basil seeds with a slight lemon touch – yum.

Despite the crappy service and insanely long wait, I’d totally go again. The food was just that good. I’ll warn you and say, it’s not for everyone due to the unusual items (stinky fermented tofu, pork intestines, quail eggs, tripe, etc.) but if you are adventurous, try it! You can also stay somewhat safe in your selection as well, but all of it does require a certain taste bud to appreciate….

Next time, I’m saving room for dessert!


One response to “Boiling Point – Taiwanese Hot Pot Dining

  1. Yum, you’re making me drool. I love how Asian restaurants can get away w/ crappy service if they have amazing food!

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