‘SUP California?! Stand-up Paddleboard at Sunset Beach

A couple… no wait, it’s definitely been a few…. months ago, I sort of forced Brooke to join me on the water.

We don’t have an ocean in Utah! Total guilt trip card.

After a work meeting down in Temecula, I spent the weekend further north and, as always, planned out some fun activities. Since I had never been SUP-ing (stand-up paddleboarding), I wanted to give it a go…

So, we rented from this place I found onlineSunset Kayak Rentals.

They were super chill and the prices were good. It was $15 for two hours of rental – killer deal! The guy at the rental shop gave us a quick 2-minute intro on how to SUP, and then we were off.

We surfed the harbor. And saw lots of big houses, lots of people sitting out having a cocktail, lots of people in their fancy boat clothes…

We went all over the place. It was great. the water was fairly calm more inland, but as we went more towards the ocean, the boats entering and exiting made the water more choppy.

As we kept seeing these big yachts heading out towards the ocean – the passengers having a nice cocktail over some hors d’oeurves while the captain sails away… we were totally jealous. We wanted to join them and be all fancy and rich too…

Well, not much we could do on the rich part, but it was nearing the two-hour mark so we returned our boards and headed for a cocktail. Highly recommended activity if you enjoy watersports and want a couple hours of relaxing activity. Oh, the SUP-ing, I mean… the cocktail afterwards is also highly recommended.


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