An Oasis (Cafe) in the Desert…

A few weeks ago, we went to Oasis Cafe for Bryce’s birthday dinner. I had always been a bit hesitant to return here since I had found glass in my mashed potatoes my first visit.

However, the food was great. No glass! Warm bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to start…


A tasting plate to whet the appetite…


Hummus, tapenade, caponata, cucumber noodles, and grilled carbs. The grilled ciabatta was awesome and the tapenade was probably my favorite. All was good, but I’m not sure it’d be a for-sure order every time.

Entrees! I had the salmon.


I will admit: I do not like raw tomatoes. Although these were grilled, every part of them except for that 1/2 centimeter on top was raw. I’m sure they were great for the tomato-loving kind, though. The honey-lavender polenta was what made me order this dish.. yum.

Bryce got the mushroom strozapretti.


These long funny-looking straw noodles are delicious. I might’ve liked his dish the best…

Alex got the wild mushroom risotto.


The egg on top looked enticing, but I can’t say the same for the scallions snaking their way through the risotto. No, I don’t love long stringy (and raw) scallions, but I do love their flavor. I didn’t try his dish but he cleaned it all up!

Kasumi got the eggplant parmesan risotto.

She cleaned up her plate as well. It looked really creamy.

Not too shabby, I’d say. I’d give it another go as I didn’t find any physical contaminants this time around, eh?

It was an Oasis in the desert… right next to a cute bookstore. We sat on outside (fantastic atmosphere) until it rained on us. So much for living in the desert…


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