Kayaking the Hudson – Freebie Fun in NYC

Last month, I went kayaking on the Hudson!


That’s the Hudson River in the Big Apple – New York City, eh. Thanks Downtown Boathouse! This group of volunteers offers free gear, kayaks and light instruction for those wanting to go for a quick paddle in New York City.

Cat and I walked west towards Pier 96 during the pleasant Sunday of Labor Day Weekend and were on the water in less than 10 minutes of arrival.


Upon check-in, the kind Boathouse fella’ had us sign waivers, gave us a locker key for phones and any other things we didn’t want to haul or get wet, then pointed to the PFDs and the kayaks. We stuffed all our stuff in the lockers (hence, the low number of photos), dawned a life jacket and set off on a tandem kayak.


It was a blast. If we had prepared for it, we would’ve brought an extra pair of pants to change into (as did the family who checked-in before us). See those wet marks? That’s how you dry your butts.

Granted, the harbor is an enclosed space. They don’t allow you to take the kayaks out past the buoys since the currents are stronger and there are lots of big boats (we saw one or two cruiseliners). So, a few circles in the harbor and we were ready to head back into the city and try to rush another Broadway Show. We were there about 30-45 minutes?

if you’re in NYC and want to tackle your hand at paddling, this is the perfect way to do it! Free rental, kind volunteers who are there to instruct if needed, and no commitment! Give ‘er a try, but note they do close when weather becomes un-fair. Check their site for hours and more info (they also have kayaking at other locations).


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