East Village NYC Noodle Hunt

After sprinting to the East Village, Cat and I arrived at Ippudo around 1:30pm only to find a two-hour wait ahead of us. The hostess warned us that there was a possibility we might not even get in before they closed. Tears were forming at the corner of my eye. I wasn’t going to have time to come back for ramen before I would leave New York! I needed ramen; there isn’t any deliciousness in Utah!

Well, we were starved and decided to head over to Xi’an Famous Foods for a snack. At the tiny joint with no open seating, we grabbed our “spicy and tingly beef with hand-ripped noodles” and scarfed down at the nearby tree planter box. De-lish… and spicy. And… it was raining. Lovely.

Xi'an Spicy and Tingly Beef with Hand-ripped Noodles

Hopeful, we returned to Ippudo, after grabbing some tapioca drinks, of course, and went to see the hostess again… There just might be a chance of getting in! We waiting patiently, sort of full, but still hungry for ramen. About 10-20 minutes later, we were in! Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen bowls for the both of us.

Shiromaru Classic Ramen

I added an onsen tamago.

Onsen tamago with Classic Ramen

No, we were hungry for that much after our snack, but boy, we had no problem finishing our bowls. So. Worth. It.


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