about lansia

lansia is a creative soul seeking happiness in life. she eats her veggies and plays outside. lansia could be thought of as easy-going, passionate and quite possibly… a complete sap. she believes in fate, but not destiny. and is a stronger and greater supporter of green living as each day presses on.

loyal since the fifth grade, lansia is a proud “lamb” (that’s a mariah carey fan for those not in the know).  lansia also loves spider-man, missy higgins and bewitched just to name a few.

lansia loves to cook, eat, travel, play, adventure and relax. she also loves to rock the headphones.

although currently residing in salt lake city, lansia was raised all over the united states with a brief couple of years in japan. if it weren’t for the crazy liquor laws in utah, she would’ve joined a wine of the month (and/or beer of the month) club long ago.

a few other passions include – friends, so you think you can dance, amy jo johnson, party of five, ryan reynolds, er, the grates, james marsden, saved by the bell, rachael yamagata, kylie minogue, ally mcbeal, namie amuro, a-mei, motorcycles, scooters, climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, brandon routh, dead like me, gilmore girls, wicked! the musical, caving, the saturdays, guy sebastian, lenka, emily wells, firefly, killing heidi, saved by the bell, full house, vanessa amorosi, sandi thom…

connect with lansia via facebook.


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