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How to Change Your Kymco People S200 Drive Belt

As the weather (seemed) to be improving, many weeks ago I changed out the belt on my scooter on advice from my scooter guy. I also ordered a new gasket that I’d change while I was in there. Here’s a quick guide on the steps – photos taken just for y’all. *Aww*

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Why Pants Are Smarter Than Shorts for Motorcycle Rides

It’s been a smart week for me. Dislocated knee. Scrapes and bruises all over. And this morning… third degree burns and then some from forgetting to put down my kickstand when getting gas for my bike. I opted to wear shorts for ease of wrapping my bandage for my dislocated knee. Yeah, I know. But hey, yay for office moms who are kind enough to bring me gauze to fix up a dressing so I can bandage my wound at work.

How to: Kymco People S200 Oil Change

I recently re-registered my scoot: a Kymco People S200. It’s been a blast, but after almost a year of not riding it; I thought I should give it some fresh oil.

Being the lazy, 8-hour desk job type that I am… I tried to surf the internet for where the drain bolt was located. I remembered it was different than what the owner’s manual had down. After a few Google searches, I couldn’t find what I was looking for… so I just went for it! Luckily – it was the correct bolt! Oh, by the way… these instructions most likely work for a People S50 and S125 as well (as they all have the same owner’s manual instructions).

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Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam: Salt Lake Edition

Try new things. I try and stick by that motto for it brings experience into life. Right?

Well, I can tell you for a fact that this was definitely a new thing – monster truck rallies. My friend Chi-Chi wanted us to attend the Monster Jam before my birthday bash a couple of Saturdays ago. Why the hell not.

Fifteen dollars lighter, dressed up in my best monster truck rally apparel (agreed upon Chi-Chi and myself, but apparently not the two other friends who went with *ahem* Johnny and Jessica!), we parked at the Gateway Mall and walked across the street to the Energy Solutions Arena — ready to scream out hearts out for our favorite Monster Truck.

BURY THEM IN DUST, EL TORO LOCO!!!! I choose El Toro Loco because he is the coolest looking truck with horns and all, IMO.

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The Bike to Work Fitness Hobby

Recently, I went sledding down Neff’s Canyon with a few friends (old and new). It was a BLAST. **Thanks to Holly for organizing the event!**

Yes, this is me (**okay, I find out later that this is really Holly and it’s too hard to tell us apart since we had the same colors on… almost) with the constant flurry of snow jetting in my face because it was so fast and uncontrollable on the saucer sleds. I totally recommend it.

Anyway, on this trip, while resting post-sledding and lunching at the Vietnamese deli, my friend Skylar mentioned he had a blog! A blog where you could track his real-time bike path to work and follow him in his adventures to and fro.

He bikes in the freezing temps of Salt Lake City, around 10 miles and 45 minutes each way. He bought studded winter tires off the internet for his journey in the slush and snow.

He has a trailer. He can haul more on his bike + trailer than I can on my motorcycle.

Stalk him on his daily route as you follow him through his GPS. Karolina, his wife, admits she does (you know, to make sure he’s not wondering around off the usual path).

It’s pretty awesome. Check it out:

Change Your Kymco People S200 Spark Plug

Yes, I’d probably put money (the little that I have) on it — I’m probably the only scooterist sporting the Taiwanese look in Utah. I wear it proudly with my halfsies helmet, tinted visor, sunglasses and Spider-man face mask. Could I possibly be the only one in the US too? Well, if you ever see me around town, talk me up (as others have) or wave hello!

Okay, let’s get on with it, shall we? The other day, I changed out my spark plug — did a lil’ self maintenance and trouble-shooting. I’ve been having issues with my scoot stalling on me and someone suggested I switch out the spark plug.

Thanks to fellow blogger Peanut Butter Scooter Time, I had a fairly decent idea of what I was doing. His directions are awesome — but I took a few extra photos and decided to do a tutorial in my own words.

Change your spark plug: Kymco Scooter Maintenance after the break >>