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Kiler Grove Winegrowers – A Utah First Winery and Tasteroom?!

Yep. I work with some super cool people.

Thursday afternoon = beer o’clock! In efforts to encourage socialization and networking, we have sort of implemented a social break in the day.

First week – spiced and spiked lemonades with lunch at the office.

Second week – wine-tasting at Utah’s first winery: Kiler (kai-ler; not pronounced killer that you would naturally want to do) Grove.

It was awesome. Fun. The gal who poured our wine, Rhea, was a true wine enthusiast. Just two of my co-workers (sorry, Heather), Rhea, a white Trebbiano and three red wines…

A rundown of Kiler Grove’s wines and our tasting after the jump >>


A Whiff of Taiwan: Almond Tofu Flavored Kit Kat

Almond Tofu Flavored Kit Kat… smells and tastes oh, so grand. A white chocolate Kit Kat that wafers with a slight almond scent.

Walking about the streets in Taiwan, you occasionally come across the almond tofu vendor (annin tofu for those of you familiar with the Japanese term, which also sounds very similar to the Chinese term). It’s one of my favorite scents in the world, a light airy touch of almond dessert.

I can’t say that I’ve ever gained a sense of almond nut smell… I don’t believe it smells like anything, actually. However, in a dessert, or the almond extracts… it’s unmistakable. This Kit Kat definitely has that scent along with the slight flavor of almond tofu. I’d say a good solid 7/10 on my taste scale. Yum.

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Tokyo Roots: Soy Sauce Flavored Kit Kat

Soy Sauce Flavored Kit Kat… sort of delicious. It’s a white chocolate Kit Kat that has a sweet aromatic flavor to it. Why is it white? Ashley says perhaps because of the way soy milk is white? Makes sense… although soy sauce is fermented beans… hence, the dark color, right? I don’t know!

I can’t say that it’s quite the taste of soy sauce, but I can see why it’s labeled that way. That’s all I can say! I’m not sure how else to describe it. Try one and tell me how you’d describe it?

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Merry Christmas II You: Mariah’s Second Christmas Album Out TODAY!

Merry Christmas II You -- Mariah Carey

Merry Christmas II YouMariah’s second Christmas album comes out today! It may be over sixteen years since the first CD of holiday tunes came out, but she still has it.

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Getting Uncommon – An iPod (Hard-Shelled) Custom Case Review

iPod Touch Capsule Case from UncommonI finally got it. My Uncommon iPod Touch capsule case — the only hard custom printed case I could find over the web. Yay!

It was pre-ordered in May. It was expected in July. It didn’t arrive until September. What took so long? Well, according to an email…

The ship date for the Touch cases has been pushed back to late June due to some delays in perfecting the product. We pride ourselves on creating obsessively engineered blank canvas accessories, and we’d never send you anything less.

This email came early June, when I expected it mid-July. After I read it, I expected it by the end of July. And… to my disappointment, it did not arrive well after that date.

Although I appreciate the delay came from legitimate reasons (I would much rather wait a bit longer and receive a better quality product than get it immediately at sub-par standards), I did not appreciate the lack of communication from Uncommon. It took multiple calls or emails to the customer service department to even get an idea of when I could expect my case. And even after a couple of them, their ETA was wrong — I wasn’t even notified of that either!

Despite my disappointment from very unacceptable service, the product lives up to my expectations.

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