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Salt Lake City Comic-Con 2013

Hot-diggity. Salt Lake! Who knew the number of geeks living in Utah? Earlier this month, Dan Farr Productions helped put on one of the most surprising turnouts of the year.

Over 50,000 tickets sold and numbers that hit 70,000 to 80,000 patrons is what the first Salt Lake Comic Convention pulled in. Ridiculous right? And now, there’s talks about another comic related event from Dan Farr Productions just before Sundance hits? Too much?

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NYC East Village Food Binge – Food Porn (Not So) Quicky

Anyone that vacations with me knows that I try to pack as many food highlights as possible… New York City was definitely no exception.

After watching Fuerzabruta at the Daryl Roth Theatre near Union Square, we begun Melani’s downward food spiral. She was eating healthy, proportionate meals at regular times of the day until I came to stay with her in NYC. Muwahahaha.

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Why Pants Are Smarter Than Shorts for Motorcycle Rides

It’s been a smart week for me. Dislocated knee. Scrapes and bruises all over. And this morning… third degree burns and then some from forgetting to put down my kickstand when getting gas for my bike. I opted to wear shorts for ease of wrapping my bandage for my dislocated knee. Yeah, I know. But hey, yay for office moms who are kind enough to bring me gauze to fix up a dressing so I can bandage my wound at work.

Silver Coneheads Ride Tour de Brewtah 2011

A quick trip to Pib’s Exchange during Friday’s lunch break… Rainbow socks. Superhero costumes. Funny ties. Handcuffs. Nothing. Nothing struck a chord. No inspiration.

A run-in with Skylar… Silver. Coneheads. 10:30am. Done.

It was decided. We were going to go all out silver and have cone heads. What were we? Silver people with cone heads. No specificity. No exact definitions.

After a night at the DI (the local go-to thrift shop), an alarm-woken morning, a scramble to the hardware store, and a few hours of glistening silver to our clothes and bodies – we were finally ready to pursue our heart’s desire on the delightfully sunny Saturday it turned out to be… BEER! We were finally ready to head down to the Tour de Brewtah (late as we had planned on being there).

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Karl Lagerfield Designs New Diet Coke

Karl Lagerfield Diet Coke, eh? Interesting… Comes out June 2011. I wonder if it will come at designer prices??

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam: Salt Lake Edition

Try new things. I try and stick by that motto for it brings experience into life. Right?

Well, I can tell you for a fact that this was definitely a new thing – monster truck rallies. My friend Chi-Chi wanted us to attend the Monster Jam before my birthday bash a couple of Saturdays ago. Why the hell not.

Fifteen dollars lighter, dressed up in my best monster truck rally apparel (agreed upon Chi-Chi and myself, but apparently not the two other friends who went with *ahem* Johnny and Jessica!), we parked at the Gateway Mall and walked across the street to the Energy Solutions Arena — ready to scream out hearts out for our favorite Monster Truck.

BURY THEM IN DUST, EL TORO LOCO!!!! I choose El Toro Loco because he is the coolest looking truck with horns and all, IMO.

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Turkey Day Down Under

The 2009 ARIA Awards took place on Turkey Day this year. If four days were enough for a vacation to Australia, it’s possible I would’ve spent a partial life savings for a couple of tickets.

Browsing the web…

Okay, it really started as shopping and not so much random browsing. Here’s what happened:

  • Black Friday shopping
  • then… Amazon Black Friday deals
  • then… saw Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway for sale — it has Eden Espinosa from Wicked, which I love ever since seeing it in LA
  • then… search on YouTube for Eden in Rent to see if it was worth buying
  • then… thoughts of “hey, what else is on YouTube?”
  • then… wonders of “hm, what’s Missy Higgins up to now?”
  • then… continue on to below…

*end sidebar*

I came upon the Lisa Mitchell, Kate Miller-Heidke and Sarah Blasko ARIA Award performance. Just wanted to share as all four of these artists (Lisa, Kate, Sarah and Missy Higgins) are awesome:

Sarah Blasko sort of looks like a human butterfly, no? She won for Best Female Artist, by the way.

Check out the rest of the winners at the ARIA site. They also have a Cover Art award, which is totally neat! Do we do that for any of our award shows? Cause, we should…

Oh, I have yet to decide whether I wanted to buy Rent. Hmm…