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A Korean Winter Vacation, Day 3 – Army Life Followed by Shopping

The very first thing I booked was our DMZ tour (technically my cousin booked our flights, so yep, very first thing!). Reading through multiple forums on TripAdvisor, I figured it was best to secure our spots on this very popular excursion.

I chose the USO/Koridoor tour from the rave reviews. I also wanted the US military experience. So, was it worth the $80 per person?

A day at the DMZ after the jump >>


A Winter in Korea, Day 2 – Christmas Day Trip to Pyeongchang

It was our second full day in Korea and Matt, my friend and host, had the day off from work. I know that our next holy holiday is almost upon as I write this in April but it happened on Christmas, but you already know my excuses if you’ve been following along: school, work.

Well, anyway, in all my research for this trip, I really wanted to do one thing: ice fishing! And since there was only one ice fishing festival happening while we were there, Pyeongchang Trout Festival it was.

Oh, it’s also home to our next winter Olympic Games! Awkwardly enough, I had mistaken Sochi to be in Korea for the longest time until only a few days after they begun. Well, Sochi sounds Korean in my defense…

Moving on… so, we took the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinbu. I couldn’t really find much in English, but ask a helpful, friendly employee to get you in the right place. We found that may speak English but may not always respond in English. There are several buses a day that depart to Jinbu, which is about a 7 minute walk to the festival location along the stream. I want to say the bus ticket was under $20 per person, maybe even under $15.

Christmas ice fishing in Pyeongchang after the jump >>

Go Back in Time at Salt Lake City’s Speakeasy, Bodega

Ever since a trip to New York, my friend got me hooked on speakeasies. When there was news that Salt Lake City, itself, had it’s own speakeasy… well, I had to visit.


Bodega is an unassuming hipster taco joint, where “The Rest” is a dimly lit restaurant serving higher end cuisine.

Experience Bodega with us after the jump>>

‘SUP California?! Stand-up Paddleboard at Sunset Beach

A couple… no wait, it’s definitely been a few…. months ago, I sort of forced Brooke to join me on the water.

We don’t have an ocean in Utah! Total guilt trip card.

Sunset Beach Stand-up Paddleboarding after the jump >>

Fall Hiking – Dirty Devil, Angel Slot Canyon: Take Two

October – a great time for hiking the Dirty Devil, as we established last year in at Angel Cove and Angel Slot. Well, start the day off first with some breakfast.

Pack your things and off you go!

As I mentioned before, Angel Slot has got to be one of my favorite canyoneering routes so far. It’s short, sweet, fun and exciting. You’re off in the middle of nowhere, about eight miles on a dirt road and smack-dab in the middle of insane canyons. Stick to the roads if you are driving at night as you could be wandering off a cliff at anytime!

Adventures in Angel Slot Canyon after the jump >>

Spanish Fork Canyon – Wine and Dine at Fifth Water Hot Springs

Last month, despite the near 100 degree weather, we hit the hot springs.

It was awesome. Wine. Sandwiches. Cherries. Wine. Bag of wine. Good company. Too bad I had to get back to the city for a birthday dinner…

Directions to Fifth Water Hot Springs >>

Independent Tubing – Provo River on July 4th

Post-dislocated shoulder only allows me to tube the Provo River! Here’s a recap of the event…

Make sure you got your tube.

More on one-arm tubing after the jump >>