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TORC 8: “Set Me On Fire” – Missy Higgins

Track on Repeat Craze #8: Missy HigginsSet Me On Fire / The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle album.

It’s been TWO YEARS! TWO. Years! … since Missy released a new album. TWO LONG YEARS! More than that! Well, anyway, as you can tell, I wanted to hear it immediately – yay Missy Higgins SoundCloud.

Set Me On Fire” was recently released as Missy‘s second single from her third album, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle… in Australia. Oh hey, there’s also a video that came out fresh with it:

Her first single… in Australia: Unashamed Desire.

In the US, “Hello, Hello” was released as her first single a little bit ago.

There’s definitely a difference in this third album, produced by also-Australian, also-awesome musician Butterfly Boucher and not-Australian, but also notable Brad Jones. Actually, Butterfly Boucher also has a version of “Unashamed Desire” on her new album.

So, to me, there’s an underlying sadness about Missy’s album. Okay, okay, true… all of Missy’s music is strongly heart-felt and deeply emotional, but there’s something different about this one. I could roll up in a ball rocking back and forth in a dark corner of a room somewhere and just play this album whispering the lyrics quietly to myself…. but, it’s okay. ‘Cause, hey, isn’t good music supposed to do that? I also find a sense of maturity in this new album… growth, perhaps… or maybe age. My friend and I were just talking about our achy joints today – that kind of age. With age comes wisdom? All right, now, I’m just rambling…

Spinning in the 6-disc player:

1. Diana VickersSongs From a Tainted Cherry Tree
2. GlorianaGloriana
3. Sandi ThomSmile… It Confuses People
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. The Band PerryThe Band Perry
6. Uh Huh HerNocturnes

I need to get the that Ol’ Razzle Dazzle (album)… yes, a physical CD of it. I’m old school like that… or maybe just old. Aw man, this post is so depressing… [[fin]]


TORC 5: The Happiest “Sad Song” – Lenka

Track on Repeat Craze #5: LenkaSad Song / Two album.

Every time I listen to Lenka, I find my feet tapping, my head bobbing and my body beginning to bounce. She’s just one of those musicians that lifts your mood when you hear her music. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Most well known for her song, The Show, which was featured in an Old Navy commercial and on Ugly Betty promos, Lenka‘s second album resonates the same sort of pop-gaiety flavor. However, Two builds upon the first album by adding heavier backbone and stronger, bolder beats. It’s obvious that she’s grown as an artist. And drummer, Fernando Sanchez, beats the *oomph* out of the songs – it’s fucking sweet watching them play live.

Anyway… “Sad Song“! As ironic as the lyrics may sound, they make complete sense to me – “sing me a sad song and make me feel better; sing me a happy song and I might start to cry.” You know how sometimes folks get philosophical or sentimental when something strikes a familiar chord?

Why do sad songs make us feel better when we are down?! I think it’s because we don’t want to elate in other people’s success when we are depressed. Yeah? Well, it is still sort of a happy song… but sad at the same time… So, where does that go in the scale of things?! Ai-ya.

Spinning in the 6-disc player:

1. Lenka – Two
2. Kristinia DeBargeExposed
3. Sandi ThomThe Pink and the Lily
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. Lady AntebellumNeed You Now
6. Sara Bareilles – Kaleidoscope Heart

Follow Lenka on Facebook or Twitter – like her music, her personality is just as uplifting. Oh hey, she’s also Australian which makes her just the more cooler! Yeah!!

Lenka with Greg Laswell (Abridged) – SLC Stop

Shortest concert I’ve ever! Well, from the ones I have attended and not including the Allure concert I saw at Knott’s Berry Farm one long time ago. Remember “All Cried Out“?

My Chemical Romance played at the same venue that night… just a couple hours or so later. Concert started promptly at 6:30pm (whaaaaa?! concert starting on time — that’s unheard of!) and ended just around 9:00pm since there was a curfew. As Greg Laswell put it, how very “rock and roll” was this daylight concert.

Would not have spent my Friday night any other way though. We just all wanted more music!! Fooey on In the Venue for dawning a curfew and silencing the music (but yeah for bringing the music to Salt Lake?)!

Photos of the abridged concert after the jump >>

Watch Bran Nue Dae in Theatres Next Month!

It’s been well over a year (or so it feels) since Bran Nue Dae came to Sundance. Now, it’s finally getting released in the United States! September 10th, baby!! Erm, I hope that means Utah, too… sometimes I feel like Utah is excluded. *sniff*

What the crap is Bran Nue Dae and why the hell am I so PSYCHED, you ask!? Check it out for yourself at their official site: Bran Nue Dae. In short, it’s a musical about a young man running away. No, not boring! On top of its incredibleness, the film has top notch musicians to its credit… Jessica Mauboy and Missy Higgins. Both huge ARIA winners and chart-toppers…

Okay, okay, they are definitely more famous in Australia than here in the States. But, I’m telling you… They. Are. AWESOME! It’s also has actor Geoffrey Rush‘s name to boast. Watch a short clip with Jessica Mauboy to get your excitement pumping! Or watch the trailer for the full-on rager.

Two Hands Wine: Another Reason I *heart* Australia

Two Hands Wine: Brilliant Disguise. I had this wine at the Bottle Rock in Culver City. It’s SO yummy. Muscat wines are sweet and fruity, mixed with the bang of spritz and sparkle – you can’t beat this, especially for the price (under $20)! Unfortunately, Utah doesn’t seem to carry it and because of our great protective liquor laws, I can’t even buy it online…. Another reason for me to pack up for Australia!

Turkey Day Down Under

The 2009 ARIA Awards took place on Turkey Day this year. If four days were enough for a vacation to Australia, it’s possible I would’ve spent a partial life savings for a couple of tickets.

Browsing the web…

Okay, it really started as shopping and not so much random browsing. Here’s what happened:

  • Black Friday shopping
  • then… Amazon Black Friday deals
  • then… saw Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway for sale — it has Eden Espinosa from Wicked, which I love ever since seeing it in LA
  • then… search on YouTube for Eden in Rent to see if it was worth buying
  • then… thoughts of “hey, what else is on YouTube?”
  • then… wonders of “hm, what’s Missy Higgins up to now?”
  • then… continue on to below…

*end sidebar*

I came upon the Lisa Mitchell, Kate Miller-Heidke and Sarah Blasko ARIA Award performance. Just wanted to share as all four of these artists (Lisa, Kate, Sarah and Missy Higgins) are awesome:

Sarah Blasko sort of looks like a human butterfly, no? She won for Best Female Artist, by the way.

Check out the rest of the winners at the ARIA site. They also have a Cover Art award, which is totally neat! Do we do that for any of our award shows? Cause, we should…

Oh, I have yet to decide whether I wanted to buy Rent. Hmm…

Lansia is Listening

Lansia’s Track on Repeat Craze (TORC — because with an acronym, it’ll seem more official): Missy Higgins – (I’m) In Love Again.

I loveeee this song redone by her; it’s an ol’ Cy Coleman track. Can’t stop listening to it. ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE Missy Higgins. She is AMAZING – singer, songwriter and now actress. Yep, another triple threat celebrity. And she’s Australian!

Spinning in the 6-disc player:
1. Various Artists from Wicked: The MusicalWicked: The Musical
2. Kristinia DeBargeExposed
3. The GratesTeeth Lost, Hearts Won
4. Missy HigginsOn a Clear Night
5. Uh Huh HerCommon Reaction
6. Florence and the MachineLungs